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Lawrence Krauss e Richard Dawkins

Alguma coisa a partir do nada.
Video legendado e sincronizado por Luc Anderssen.

Atheism for Lent Class 5: The New Atheists

Our final class in this series provided an opportunity to explore the so-called New Atheists: Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss. 17 more words

Progressive Christianity

Investigative Bias

The concept of biases on the part of the accident investigator is not something often considered, however, I think this is a much larger issue than is often given credit for.  672 more words


Future Civilizations Will Believe We're The Centre Of The Universe

Our universe had a beginning.

We live in but one of several hundred billion galaxies.

In the big picture of space and time, we are insignificant. 255 more words


Star Trek Voyager's Kate Mulgrew Speaks Out Against Geocentrism Film

Kate Mulgrew Speaks Out Against Geocentrism Film

A new movie trailer for The Principle, an upcoming documentary film focusing on geocentrism – the cosmological philosophy which places Earth at the center of the known universe — will feature… 274 more words

The Real Nerd Herd

No, Kate Mulgrew does *not* endorse geocentrism

There’s been quite a stir on the Interwebs over the last 24 hours over actress-extraordinaire Kate Mulgrew’s alleged participation in a ridiculous documentary called The Principle… 457 more words

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