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The Graviton and Superstring Theory The graviton is a particle...

The Graviton and Superstring Theory

The graviton is a particle whose existence physicists have predicted but not proven. If real, it would tell spacetime how to bend.

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Evidence of my earlier theory? - From Facebook

One last thought, and this may be wayyyy out there.

We are nothing more than a collection of atoms that when combined, can accomplish functions and higher levels of thinking. 78 more words

Please tell me there's a possibility I'm right - From Facebook

I’m going to ask something that is either the smartest or dumbest thing I have ever asked. Why? Because it’s a question that I don’t know has ever been asked or answered. 175 more words

A Universe From Nothing

The first non-fiction book that I chose to read this year was A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss.  I have wanted to read this for some time but kept putting it off because of how complicated and thought provoking I knew it would be.   162 more words

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Is Science Making the Case for God? A Response to Eric Metaxas

The Wall Street Journal recently published an online opinion piece with the headline “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.” In the article, author Eric Metaxas emphasizes the improbability of human beings not only coming into existence, but also becoming aware of our existence and of the universe in which we find ourselves. 1,426 more words


Philosophy rocks

I phind philosophy phascinating. (Sorry…I couldn’t help myself.) A phield, er…field of study that enables one to acquire and apprehend great and timeless truths from the comfort of one’s recliner. 616 more words


Day 37: Cosmology, Mr. Dennett & expressions of love

Aaron asked when I’m going to stop numbering these, probably never.

Cosmology, my education begins.
I’m going to continue writing about some more philosophical topics and want to be the first to say that I do not have much research to back up my own instinctual feelings about these subjects. 2,019 more words