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Something From Nothing

A fascinating talk by Lawrence Krauss on how it all started.

Life, The Universe…

Geeking out with Symphony of Science founder John Boswell

Five years ago, Symphony of Science introduced me to a bizarre world of science, philosophy and auto-tune. I found myself learning interesting science facts while singing along with the likes of Carl Sagan and… 601 more words

Got Music?

Zócalo Public Square : Video - When Science and Science Fiction Collide

Tuesday night, Zocalo Public Square hosted a conversation lead by Annalee Newiz with Lawrence Krauss and Neal Stephenson regarding science, science fiction and optimism. While the evening was a “light” discussion of these topics, it was a fascinating evening. 129 more words


Class Two: Modern Physics and Creation quotes

Click below for quotes from Stephen Hawking, Lawrence Krauss and, of course, St. Thomas, which will be used for Class Two on Sept. 22:

 Modern Physics and Creation

See you on Monday night!


"The Unbelievers" Documentary

Perusing Netflix for an unbearable amount of time, I landed on a documentary called “The Unbelievers”. The following summary is given on IMDB.com:

Renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss cross the globe as they speak publicly about the importance of science and reason in the modern world.

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Can Science Fiction Revolutionize Science - A Zocalo event

I am fortunate to live in the LA area where a lot of diverse events occur every day of the week. Tonight, there is a discussion on whether Science Fiction Revolutionize Science with Neal Stephenson and Lawrence Krauss at MOCA. 113 more words


A Universe From Nothing - lecture

This summer I finally managed to saw the movie “The Unbelievers”, a movie that I highly recommend (whatever your beliefs might be). After I watch it I made some research about Lawrence Krauss because I had never heard his name. 148 more words