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Justice for humanity

We becomes barbaric,when we let those peoples who make use of the law for their own sickening agendas. Forget about the international laws, the human right laws. 74 more words



According to Section 173(2) of the Companies Act 2013, directors may participate through:

  1. In person,
  2. Through Video Conferencing,
  3. Other Audio – visual means, as may be prescribe.
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Governance And Responsibility

"It wasn't his intention to murder someone."

After reading this article

My first thought: you have got to be kidding me.

My second thought: we are kidding ourselves.

Drunk Driving. I hate it, you know it. 385 more words

Drunk Driving

Christians Acting As Ancient Israelites...Not David

The Bible forms an integrated whole for the church.  2TI.3:16 all scripture is given by the inspiration of God.  Yet some Christians overlook God’s (timeless) principles because they were part of the Old Covenant.   1,475 more words


Remember my boys, that you are the delight of the Lord. Blessed is the lad who begins to observe God’s laws in his youth


Child Labor Laws

We thought we would mix it up a bit today, so we’re going to talk about a different side of the business. While it may seem a little boring, labor laws play a big role in the entertainment industry and we should all brush up on them from time-to-time to stay sharp. 342 more words