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Reality Rule Number 4

Content of Thoughts hidden. Effect of thoughts not.

FOI Request for submissions regarding internet piracy

If you are Australian, and are waiting in anticipation for the next season of Game of Thrones to be available for download, or anything you download for that matter, you should read these documents. 56 more words


Chinese Copycat Cars

In 2013, China’s car production boomed. China produced a whopping 18.7 million cars. But while many of these models were from companies we’ve never heard of, some look very similar to those produced by their European counterparts.  169 more words


Feel like dancing?

Did you know that if you’re out taking a beer or anything else in a pub in Sweden, and feel an urge to dance – wait a sec. 71 more words


Minister of Religious Affairs: Nothing new on demand to abolish Indonesia' blasphemy law

Sonia Fitri/Satya Festiani

MINISTER of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin stated that Amnesty International’s demand for Indonesia to repeal blasphemy law was not a new thing. 261 more words