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Baton Rouge newapaper's praise of Edmonson's 'refusal' of retirement raise is disingenuous and an insult to its readers

It’s seldom that I disagree publicly with members of the fourth estate. Besides preferring to focus my energy on reporting on the myriad ways state government falls short of its number one priority of protecting the interests of the state and its citizens, I generally have a deep professional respect for our peers in the media. 1,193 more words


Selling An Apartment In New York City

Most of the times people are going to look for a place they can rent in NYC, but if you’re lucky enough to own an apartment and in fact you want to sell it, then you should know that there are many important aspects that influence the price of your property and how much you can afford to negotiate with a potential client. 352 more words


MN attorney after salmonella convictions: 'This happens more than we know'

The former owner of a Georgia peanut company was convicted Friday of criminal charges related to a salmonella outbreak that killed nine people, including three Minnesotans. 480 more words


GM Must Turn Over Documents Regarding Ignition Switch Defect

Since the General Motors ignition switch defect came to light in February there has been no shortage of lawsuits filed against the car manufacturer. While the company hopes that its compensation plan, and previous bankruptcy, will help to shield it from these claims, plaintiffs in these suits received some good news Friday: The company must hand over all documents pertaining to the defect. 257 more words

Judge Hits Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme With $40.7 Million Penalty

If someone convinces you to invest with him by promising returns of 7% weekly, and that he’s never lost money and there’s no risk, you should be incredibly concerned about giving him your money, regardless of whether it’s a dollar or a Bitcoin. 376 more words

Is Genesis just the beginning?

Can the government make a for-profit school tear up its private student loan promissory notes?  We’re about to find out.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau… 319 more words

For-profit School