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The House Girl by Tara Conklin

Genre:  Historical Fiction

# of Pages:  372

RAC:  Yes

Lina is a lawyer at a high profile firm in New York City.  She is assigned a bizarre slavery reparations case in which she is challenged to find a modern day descendant of a slave who can claim damages today.   224 more words


Evidence Helps an Accident Lawyer in New Orleans Fight for Your Rights

The article mentions the importance of photographs of the accident scene in a collision case. Photos may serve as reliable evidence, which is why cautious motorists make it a practice to always bring a camera with them. 72 more words


Indiana State Supreme Court Rules on Wrongful Death Trial Court Order Balancing Conflicting Constitutional Interests

By Charlie Ward

In Estate of Meux v. Cozmanoff, the Supreme Court upheld the trial court order that Defendant be required to answer Plaintiff’s Complaint in an effort to balance conflicting constitutional interests. 585 more words

Personal Injury

appreciate: Chloe Cockburn

It is still a common misconception that people can’t  find the time to do all the things they are interested in. If anyone needs yet another example that this is possible, look no further than Chloe Cockburn. 91 more words


What to do When Your Attorney Fails You

Imagine calling your lawyer to find out the status of your legal case only to find out the court dismissed your case without a hearing. You ask more questions and discover that your attorney failed to file your claim within the time required by law. 545 more words


Copyright and Antitrust

How does antitrust law limit copyright protection?

A previous post discussed Danel Advanced Software Solutions v. Snapir (Tel Aviv, April 9, 2014), and the holding of that case regarding the protection granted to the “structure, sequence and organization” of computer programs. 288 more words


Personal Injury Suit in Car Accident Results in $3 Million Award

A recent award in a car accident case was based on negligent actions in connection with a road construction project in Florida on route 1-10. The result was that the road construction company, Hubbard Construction, was ordered to pay a major amount of the award, ($2 million), while GEC, the trucking company involved, was ordered to pay a lesser amount ($950,000), and the truck driver, Lorenza Toller, was deemed responsible for $10,000 in damages. 497 more words

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