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Are All Lawyers Agents of Social Change?

Wide-eyed, hopeful, a little bit scared, and with big dreams to change the world. That’s how many of us enter law school. In short order, real life swoops in and your dreams begin to be eroded until they’re a little bit more in line with “reality.” If you’re in law school, and feeling this way, stop yourself right now! 346 more words


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Scrutinize, Prioritize and Maximize

I recently undertook steps to formally dissolve a small business venture I’ve been operating over the course of the last several years.  After heartfelt thought and prayerful consideration, I advised my business partner, Jessica, of my decision, which was prompted by my loss of passion and desire, coupled with my need to simplify my life.  672 more words

Divorce chinese lawyers in Shanghai

There are many question that arise in a lot of peoples mind regarding what to look forward to when finding a divorce lawyer from shanghai law firms. 9 more words


What qualities to ask for in a Chinese lawyer

Selecting a divorce lawyer to handle your family law case is a very important decision. Before finding the right divorce lawyer, you can follow few important criteria’s which will surely help you in making your search a lot easier; 365 more words

Shanghai Law Firms

How to find online dog bite lawyer

Dogs are known for their friendliness and obedient nature. But they can be unfriendly at times. According to statistics, every day about 1000 U.S citizens require emergency treatment for dog biting injuries. 383 more words


We have to do better!

I was embarrassed to be a black woman today in Chipotle as I watched 3 women yell and curse out employees and customers simply because they couldn’t be patient and misread body gestures. 497 more words