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Thinking Like A Lawyer

We should be grateful to New York Times columnist David Brooks  for his meditation on  Ursula Le Guin’s short story “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.”  The story  makes us reconsider certain aspects of our society we are likely to ignore. 787 more words


If your presentation doesn’t have a compelling title, no one will show up!

Here are three ways to write a compelling title for your presentation so people to show up:

1) Pick a title that has some pain.  Pain motivates people more than pleasure. 210 more words

Business Growth

whatever will i do

dt popped in..said..

you know whenever anything happens in wonderland beyond throwing a pool cookout..which im sure is pretty complicated..the condos lawyer has to be called for consultation.. 147 more words


How to create a sales culture for professional services?

This topic has been “flavour of the year” for some time. It still is and you can see why.

In a survey by London Business School, when asked “How Good Are Professionals at Selling?” over 50% of client respondents replied ‘Poor’. 357 more words

Teacher Compensation and Self-Importance

The teaching profession has an inferiority complex. With its requirements for advanced degrees (that do a really good job of keeping retired teachers employed) and an inflated sense of importance, it tends to draw comparisons between itself and other professions. 898 more words


The Great Emerald of Brazil

(Inspired by an article by Stephen Ceasar)

An emerald the size of fire hydrant broods alone

In a sheriff’s locker while slick lawyers smoothly drone. 62 more words


The BAR Associations: Modern day grifters

Marti Oakley


This is no different than if bank robbers formed a union and then voted to give themselves immunity from prosecution, based on the idea that without immunity they might be afraid to rob any more banks.

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Guardianship Abuse