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Social Media for Lawyers – What to Post?

Perhaps the only thing worse than suffering from Blinking Cursor Syndrome when trying to write your blog is coming down with a case of it social media style. 56 more words

Coordination Of Employees At Wildes And Weinberg Is Exceptional

With the help of dedicated staff, Wildes and Weinberg is able to reach great heights. The exceptional service of this immigration law firm has helped number of clients. 18 more words


Don’t Trust An August Monday!

Funny I should be mentioning about not trusting! I am usually the first one to say everyone should get the benefit of the doubt….and even when the doubt shows thru, I’m still quick to try and trust the speck of good that every human has….just an ADHD good quality I hold dear! 844 more words

51% of the Malaysian Bar are Women so why won’t they Speak Up?

By Animah Kosai

I was an advocate and solicitor for the Malaysian Bar for nearly 10 years. People used to ask me, “do you feel it’s harder as a woman?” Being the tenacious character I was, I always denied this. 2,117 more words

Discovering Begum Lawyers Of San Antonio, That Will certainly Succeed Your Personal Injury Match

It could be hard to understand medical and also lawful lingo. Examine the following short article that can assist you with a personal injury claim and also assist you win it. 553 more words

Why You Need Employment Lawyers

Many employees face discrimination and harassment at their workplace and they may require the help of Los Angeles employment lawyers. The employment laws of the state are very strict just like those of other states in the US. 167 more words


What You Need to Know about Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Gender equality is expected at a workplace where men and women are doing the same job with equal expertise. However, this situation has led to a major issue in many workplaces and this issue is that of sexual harassment. 164 more words