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Things To Consider When Hiring An Attorney

Nowadays the personal injury lawyers are available in all the law firms to assist the people legally who are prone to meet with the accidents. The initial consultation is made free and so based on the type of injuries the effects can be made accordingly. 211 more words

Accident Lawyer

Your lawyer's assurance.

My sister dragged the probate process out as long as she could, on three occassions she said she would sell the house, but never did. I still have not seen the bank statements for the rental even though I have requested them over ten times. 209 more words


Lies your Executor can tell you without fear of prosecution

Did you know that in Victoria the Executor of a Will who is also a beneficiary,  can lie and say they have started the Probate process, they can even lie and tell you they have finished the Probate process knowing they have done nothing about Probate.   86 more words


A Will disappears, but no one is interested except me.

My mother’s original Will was made around 1990, she made a later Will in the 2000s which disappeared.  I thought it was a serious matter when a Will disappears but apparently its not, even though more than half a million dollars is involved. 108 more words


Who investigates the LSC for standards?

The Victorian Attorney General told me to go to the ombudsman if I am not happy with the LSC.  I did, but the Ombudsman cannot look at the issue, only how the LSC responds or handles the issues. 206 more words


LSC will not provide anything in writing regarding Coleman

I have asked The Legal Services Commission for its report on Coleman in relation to my complaint. I complained that he advised me to break the law and sign an Affidavit knowing it to be false. 112 more words


The Victorian Probate Process is broken and no one wants to do anything.

My mother died in February 2009 owning her house outright and having no debts. She left a Will saying her daughter and son were to get half each and both are to be executors.   545 more words