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SEVERAL THOUGHTSnot had time to do much what with  work and general trying to get things done, then death in family etc but today anyway I am unwell I have a bad throat and head, I am tired, I have not slept for two days at least.  591 more words

Why Laxatives Give False Relive

Did you know that each year, Americans spend more than $700 million on laxatives? The United States supposedly has the highest rate of laxative use compared to several other countries. 15 more words

Hunger Remedies

Eat your feelings
Reabsorb the pain, this time sugar-supersaturated
Instead of bloodstained, saltwater-drenched
Attempt to keep your demons satiated
Through significant body mass upshots
Nurse food babies–the closest you’ll get to new life, it seems… 162 more words


It’s 10:40 in the morning and I’m just chillin in bed playin on my phone. As I sit here I can hear the rumble of my stomach from the 20 laxatives I took at around 5 this morning. 33 more words

say NO to Anorexia

I have DECIDED I do not have ANOREXIA. I have DECIDED this for several reasons.

I do EAT. I am VAIN, I want ATTENTION. I get fed up of… 294 more words

And I drank up all my money....Tasted kinda lonely....

Today was simple and to the point.  Work 9 hours.  Eat the food I brought with me to work, NOTHING more.  I had 4 egg whites for breakfast along with a cup of fruit (sliced strawberries & red grapes), lunch was a minuscule helping of veggie stir fry.   1,443 more words

Never Ending Days

There are times where I think I can beat this and overcome with victory, but that feelin is quickly shot down.
Yesterday I was runnin on one hour of sleep after binging and purging the night/morning before. 643 more words