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i haven’t felt it in a long while now. it explains my weight gain. my voracious appetite meant that i ate even if i was full. 292 more words

Bulimia Nervosa

15 Foods That Act As Natural Laxatives

15 Foods That Act Like Natural Laxatives

How often do you find yourself eating foods that cause constipation? If your answer is “often,” then you are… 1,495 more words

The anticipation is killing me

My intake assessment is tomorrow. It’s so close, but so elusively far. I’m nervous and scared and hopeful, and scared of being hopeful.

I’m afraid they’ll tell me they can’t or won’t help me. 138 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

Here we go again

I have an intake assessment call with an eating disorder treatment facility on Tuesday.

I have no idea whether I’ll get into one of their programs. 98 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm


SO here we are again RC, Stop kidding yourself.  Why are you really home just now? By all means keep up the thinking but remember you need to… 731 more words


losing grasp

saw the numbers on the scale. my reaction to it was pretty out of the ordinary. but the fact is, i am inexplicably fat, and you know, i’m gaining it fast. 76 more words

Bulimia Nervosa


I wish that my weight was as low as my self esteem. I wish to have long hair and be thin. I think perhaps I would  be more content with myself. 165 more words

Eating Disorder