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I’m a young female adult battling with an ED. I’m addicted to laxatives. I binge and purge (even though I’ve had a lot of trouble putting lately. 167 more words


Italian nurse accused of killing 38 patients because they were ‘annoying’

By: David Ferguson

42-year-old Italian nurse in the northern town of Lugo was arrested over the weekend on charges that she killed some 38 patients under her care because she found them — or their families — “annoying.” 198 more words


Laxatives may be hindering your health

If you suffer from IBS you may be intimately familiar with one of the most common symptoms: constipation.

Although following a low fodmap is extremely helpful in this area, it is impossible to stick to it perfectly all the time and live a semi-normal life! 590 more words

Low Fodmap

Things You Shouldn't do to Lose Weight

Many people today struggle with their weight and want to try anything to shed those extra pounds.

Although, there’s a lot of good information for people on what foods you should eat for a proper diet and what exercises to do to stay healthy, some people go to the extreme and do things that can be harmful to their health to lose weight. 505 more words


21/04/2014 Living with size zero

Weight – 43.8kg

Thats 6 stone 13!!! Its alot but a slight drop from Thursday weight of 44.1kg. Im happy thats its lower, i dont know why. 169 more words


06/04/2014 First weekend as inpatient

I survived my first weekend as a inpatient. Although i was so depressed, i stayed in bed all day, just coming out for meals. Everything is getting to me. 141 more words


26/03/2014 Walk outs and roundabouts

Yesterday was so awful. Getting up so early to travel here really took its toll and everything started to go wrong. Lee told me that his work were putting up redundancy’s again and he could be at risk, my mum had put up a facebook status tagging in all her kids except me, i was horrible depressed anyway after having my days increased to 7 days a week and just in general feeling like a total failure as my kids dance classes are drawing to a close. 708 more words