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06/04/2014 First weekend as inpatient

I survived my first weekend as a inpatient. Although i was so depressed, i stayed in bed all day, just coming out for meals. Everything is getting to me. 141 more words


26/03/2014 Walk outs and roundabouts

Yesterday was so awful. Getting up so early to travel here really took its toll and everything started to go wrong. Lee told me that his work were putting up redundancy’s again and he could be at risk, my mum had put up a facebook status tagging in all her kids except me, i was horrible depressed anyway after having my days increased to 7 days a week and just in general feeling like a total failure as my kids dance classes are drawing to a close. 708 more words


Making an impact on impacted faeces

A 80 year old lady is admitted with abdominal distension and difficulty breathing. She is found to have ascites secondary to an ovarian malignancy.

Her ascites are drained. 296 more words

I'm a terrible person..

Friday night I took 20 laxatives, I don’t know why I just did it on impulse (perhaps from having a bad week). Anyway for the last 24 hours I’ve been rushing to the bathroom with liquid pouring out my bum (sorry for the details!) and then this morning I was sick. 43 more words

The Big Branding Brain

Design. Style. Huge Imagination. Great eye. These are the words often associated with Helen, Director of her own design and branding agency in Wellington. But then anyone that knows her would also add: striking, warm, wise, gentle, fiercely strong. 2,324 more words

Body Image

Caffeine and laxatives

Now, don’t worry, I don’t have vodka or valium. I do, however, have caffeine pills and laxatives.

My laxatives came in yesterday and have been such a huge relief, both physically and mentally. 329 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

Progressively Worse.

Sitting at work today, I once again had no energy to actually get up and run around with my children, plus my laxatives were flooding my system, my boss (the principal) came in and pulled me into the hallway. 342 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery