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Nintendo Of Europe Lays Off 320 People

Nintendo Europe will be laying off 320 people from its offices at the end of the month. Nintendo says that these measures have come about as the company tries to enable the European business to “adapt to the rapidly changing business environment”.  26 more words


Infamous Developer Sucker Punch Productions Hit with Layoffs

Sony has revealed that Infamous developer Sucker Punch Productions, has been hit with layoffs.

Sony made the news public with a released statement to IGN… 60 more words

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Our Second Family Vacation, Part 3

Imagine if you will, a family of three sitting in a Taco Time at the beach, a restaurant picked precisely for its familiarity and guarantee that the food would be liked by all. 944 more words


Mr. Fratto Gets Fired

That got very dark very quickly.  In this rough and tumble world, you don’t have time to build up to the dark stuff anymore.  Mariella gets right to the point and fires Mr. 28 more words


Microsoft Announces Layoffs

Software giant Microsoft announced recently that it will cut 18,000 jobs over the course of the next year. 12,500 of the people losing their jobs will be those who work for the recently acquired Nokia phone business. 378 more words


Feast or famine

It’s happening again – lay offs at work. I hate when this happens – it makes you on edge with your whole day and when you are not busy engulfed in your work it’s even worse because you have time to email and instant message others and find out who got the ax. 661 more words

What Happened Bill Gates, Want More Foreign H1B Visas?

I can remember not too long ago when Bill Gates was pushing for more H1B Visas while we were still going through some rough times creating jobs, of which blew my mind. 161 more words