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Selectively Blending One Image into Another

The next stage of development in Introduction to Photo Compositing is Selectively Blending One Image into Another. This area covers Blending images using layer masks and Gradient tool, Blending night into day, Using adjustment layer mask and Selectively adding textures.



January 10, 2015

Caught ya!

You have such pretty eyes!


Photography Experiment #2: HDR From One RAW File

Expanding on my last experiment with exposure bracketing whereby a photo is composed of several separate exposures using layer masks in post-processing, I found a good candidate for a similar technique where the different exposures come from the same RAW file. 533 more words


My Exposure Bracketing Experiment Using GIMP Went Surprisingly Well

I accidentally took this photo the other day at Gemmys Point near Lakes Entrance, Gippsland Victoria, overlooking the Gippsland lakes just after sunset.

I say accidentally because I was experimenting with exposure bracketing, something my camera doesn’t do automatically, and just wanted some quick snaps and see what I could put together when this photo popped out of Gimp at the end of a rather simple procedure. 293 more words


Winter at Scotney...

Another wintry scene from Scotney Castle in Kent


After 8 more words