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Design Showcase #2

Although the Photoshop work for this assignment was extremely familiar to me, it was fun to brush up on my “cutout” skills. As a Motion Graphics Artist, I use Photoshop mostly for cutting images out of their backgrounds so that I can animate them in After Effects. 469 more words

Web Design

A Gimpy Bee (Photo)

A bee in flight, even when it is just hovering from hibiscus flowers sitting closely together, is a tough subject to photograph (dare I say especially so with a reverse lens set up). 248 more words

Macro Photography

Week Three - HDR Photography

Today we went over and attempted some HDR Photography and I’m a little baffled myself that I have some how not really noticed or come across this term previously and therefore didn’t realise I was looking at these kind of images all the time. 286 more words

Weekly Class

Day 205: July 24

Times Square, NYC. Always hustlin’ and bustlin’ no matter day or night. I took this at around 8:30 tonight, so still early to NYC standards. It was actually quite difficult to capture a proper photo of cabs nearby Times Square. 84 more words

New York City

Day 204: July 23

I am by no means a super healthy eater, but I try to not eat too poorly. I understand the value of healthy eating, I just struggle with it because of my picky taste buds. 91 more words


Week One- Practical Excercise


Excercise One; Selecting hair from background (in excercises, due week 6)

3 main tools/techniques

No.1- Colour Range Selection & Refine Mask… 133 more words

Practical Excercises

That's Not Fair

Well, it’s tough enough being a bee or fly, but invisible spiders? Not exactly, but practically speaking, that’s what this crab spider is. (Tentative ID is a goldenrod crab spider, … 211 more words