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Tiff with a transparent Background / Tiff mit einem transparenten Hintergrund

Tutorial in English and German / Anleitung in Deutsch und Englisch

Tip of the week: Here’s how to make a Tiff with a transparent background, which allows you to place it into InDesign. 208 more words

Adobe InDesign CS6

Layer Masks - 5

I really liked layer masks actually! this was 3 photos combined, and I added in the car as a selection. That was such a hard selection to do, and making it look decent was tough. 46 more words

Graphic Design

Layer Masks - 4

This is the layer mask I’m most proud of I think. It has 3 layers, plus the heron which was a selection. The mountains/sunrise/boardwalk and buildings are different photos edited into this one, and the colors of them were manipulated to create a cohesive look. 13 more words

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Layer Masks - 3

I studied abroad in South Korea in Spring 2013 and fell in love with Seoul. Even though I was homesick and physically sick most of the time I was there, I’m really hoping to return as soon as possible. 49 more words

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Layer Masks - 2

This was another layer mask project I worked on in class. In retrospect, I wish I found better pictures to use, since the cat was originally part of the background, which made it a bit harder to add in the water. 49 more words

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Layer Masks - 1

This was the first layer mask I completed in class. There are a total of 3 layers, in addition to the selection of the Earth in the upper right corner. 16 more words

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Unterschied zwischen Ebenenmaske und Schnittmaske

Bild Maskierung ist die mächtigste , aber am meisten missverstandenen Funktion in Photoshop’s Beschneidungspfad Dienstleistungen. Vor allem , so scheint Maskierung schwierig, für den Anfänger zu verstehen. 432 more words

Clipping Mask