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Trip to America

Using just 5 photographs and Photoshop I created a single photograph using different blend modes, cropping, layering, filters and brush tools. I was inspired by John Baldessari’s Junction Series which did the same thing, I really liked how each section was unique and the use of brush tools over photographs.


Response to Rauchenberg

Here I tried my own work in the style of Rauchenberg on Photoshop. I tried to use his use of colour, layering, and repetition in his work.


Idea1 - Layering Objects

Using my clues photographs I layered on top of them objects such as a pearl necklace or a matches. I’m planning to develop this further by adding stamps.


Aussie inspirations

I have found two Australian scrapbookers who’s styles I absolutely love and want to integrate into my own. They are predominantly mixed media scrappers and use a lot of inks and paints. 52 more words


State Tournament

Something you may or may not know about me:
I am a high school band director of a AA school in my state.  AA meaning we have over a certain number of students, so we are considered a “big” school in my state. 118 more words

The Limited

Beat the Crop

Unless you have been living on the moon of late, you would have noticed that crop tops are BIG news for this SS.  If however, like me, you baulk at the idea of having to get your winter tummy (for winter read too much pasta, not enough sun) out in public, there is an alternative way to wear this trend.   45 more words