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Itty bitty bantam eggs

Big news of the day:  Whattt?  A bantam egg?!  On their 51st day here, when we’re past expecting them to ever lay, the Silkies get in the game and come out of nowhere with an egg! 218 more words


Chickens, continued

Day 3

Their going to bed by themselves is going to have to be close enough.  I’m not sure how they’re getting out, but they have announced their readiness to free-range by a mass breakout.  1,660 more words


Day 2 - Layers

Five eggs by 10 am!  Yay!  We are in the egg game.

It’s funny to lift the lid when there’s a hen settled in the box.  451 more words


First day with real chickens

After finishing  last night’s new chicken installation   in the wee hours, stumbling tired and bitten all over, the crowing came awfully early.  Uhoh.  I was afraid of the duelling banjos effect. 1,212 more words


Respectable chickens

Is this a case of if you build it they will come?  Or ask and you shall receive?

On my way home from a long Thursday of internetting and errands, I stopped in on a lady I’d bought excellent eggs from before.  1,168 more words


New Book!

Fair Warning: This post contains profanity. Lots and lots of profanity.

If yesterday was a long day, then today was a never-ending day. My husband was dispatched to his first wildfire of the season. 1,074 more words


Taking Care of the Garden and Gimpy

My two kids and I had a diverse night. It started with thinning rows in the garden and ended with giving a hen a sitz bath. 484 more words

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