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Darth Vader Invades!

The Dark Side is starting to take over our hen yard with the addition of Darth Vader, a year old rooster, from a family in the community. 83 more words

Farm News

Feeding the Chickens

I train all my chickens to come when I call them.  A loud clucking sound like the noise chickens make to tell each other there is something tasty to eat, combined with a high-pitched call of ‘chicken, chicken,’ tells the young birds it’s time to get their scratch grains.   303 more words

Six Busy Months

Spring and summer have flown by this year. I’ve started a few posts without finishing any, and somehow half a year has passed since I posted anything at all. 721 more words


Green Eggs

Like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, my sister’s chickens lay green eggs.

Had I not seen them myself, I would have thought they’d been dyed. 33 more words


A Rose Among Thorns

After waiting and watching for three months, we have discovered that little, blonde Sunnyside is the only hen from our latest clutch of six eggs… 346 more words

Backyard Chickens

Too Chicken Or Not to Chicken

These chickens do not belong to me.  I took this picture a couple of years ago.  It reminds me that I still would like to have some chickens.  51 more words


High Summer on the Farm

July is a voraciously busy month on the farm.  It is a month where you are straddling multiple seasons- in the throes of Summer, prepping for Fall and planning for Winter.  223 more words