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Prelude to Winter and Hens that Refuse to Lay

Well, we didn’t get seven feet of snow here this week, but there are flakes on the forecast for Wednesday. For a place that’s usually sunny and seventy degrees on Thanksgiving Day, that’s pretty crazy. 447 more words


1200 Calves, a Dozen Eggs, and the Start of Winter...

The last six weeks have been truly a blur. This time of year I loose sense of the day of the week as the days all seem to run together amidst a common theme — 446 more words


The Many Faces of Autumn

Autumn/November is a point of transition. A bridge between summer and winter, an occasion of stark contrasts. A time of rest and busyness, low sun and long shadow, harsh rains and soft mists, grayness and brilliant color. 139 more words

Farm Life

do gmo's stop chickens laying?

Once again we made our pre-winter laying hen cull, to eliminate free-loaders from the gravy train.  Two dozen hens — part of a flock we inherited from another farm — were removed from roll call, and of these only one had an egg in her innards.  102 more words

Laying Hens

What Does Homesteading Mean?

Homesteading could mean a lot of things. Living completely off your own land, for example. That would be true homesteading. It’s not something you see a lot of these days, even in a farming community. 469 more words


this weekend

This weekend we accomplished a couple of homesteading tasks. Of course a tool met its demise at the hands of Kevin, who has left an array of broken implements in his wake over the past few years. 109 more words


My wierd chickens

They have nesting boxes.  Really, they do.

Why on earth they find it necessary to squeeze into this gap – which is only about 3 inches wide – and lay… 6 more words

Pastured Poultry