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Blessed Assurance

Life is hard. It’s filled with ups and downs. Not that this should be surprising to anyone. There are a few worldly maxims that cover the difficulty of life, but the only one I can print here is, “Life is a roller coaster; enjoy the ride.” The world, though, does not have a monopoly on proverbs about the nature of life. 2,980 more words


Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

Reading Job is kind of like playing a game. At times it can be perplexing and a little testing. Job says some outrageous things like, 2,579 more words


Guerrilla Wolves Movie News with Parker Layman: Archive Pt. 2

Hello, and welcome to part two of the Guerrilla Wolves Movie News Archive, chronically Parker Layman’s movie rants from the October and November broadcasts of Guerrilla Wolves News. 628 more words

Deadliest Teacher

Something Missing

I keep running into a problem when I read the book of Job. What keeps challenging me is that initially, Elephaz seems like a nice guy, Bildad makes sense, and Zophar… well sometimes I’m not sure who he’s really talking to since he sorta just says whatever he wants. 2,272 more words


The Whole World Waits

While reading through the end of Ezekiel, I came across a line and I couldn’t get it out of my head. As he talks about the new Temple, Ezekiel describes a river that flows out of it (which I’ve heard several pastors compare to the Holy Spirit). 2,171 more words


On the Mystic's Path: Part Nine

I’m going to be very careful on this one.

Normally my writing is very open.

In this case I’m going to be deliberately vague.

My hope is that if anyone in that organization reads this they will simply ignore it instead of throwing comments my way or criticizing me. 976 more words


Quantum Mechanics In Layman's Terms [Up-Goer-Five Compliant]

Someone asked another person to explain Schrodinger’s Cat in layman’s terms. Seeing that the person rather failed at it, I decided to write an Up-Goer-Five compliant thing explaining it. 2,968 more words