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The Problem with Porn

While reading through Isaiah, I came across a rather strange line.  Isaiah 3:12 reads,

Youths oppress my people,
Women rule over them.
O my people, your guides lead you astray;

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The Right Way

The last sixteen chapters of Exodus are ridiculously boring.  Save for the incident with the golden calf there is almost nothing of particular interest in these chapters.  2,030 more words


The Pointless Bribe

One problem that comes up sometimes in the Bible is its honesty- its extreme honesty.  Be it Noah getting drunk or the moral ambiguity of Jonah (who actually wanted the Lord to destroy the city he was supposed to save); God doesn’t withhold the truth from believers.  1,221 more words


The Pointless Lie

When we are young we learn to lie in order to avoid punishment after doing something wrong.  Since this usually works a few times and we see our parents and others lying as well, we develop the idea that through lying we can manipulate things to get the results we desire.  1,440 more words


Taking it Off and Putting it On

Understanding our lives in Christ can sometimes get confusing.  We struggle with getting rid of sin or maybe we can’t seem to make our lives feel any more holy than they already are.  2,035 more words



Tony Chu is a cibopath. That means he can take a bite out of a piece of fruit and gets an image in his head of what tree and where the fruit was picked and what pesticides were used on it. 468 more words


Zechariah Almighty

Zechariah is a fun and busy book.  Imagine the crazy parts of Ezekiel, the writing style of Jeremiah, and the Jesus references of Isaiah all crammed into 14 chapters: that’s basically the book of Zechariah.  1,840 more words