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Python Generators (Part 2)

So what, then, are the benefits of using generators over regular list-returning functions? The answer is lazy evaluation, and below I’ll give you a few examples of how laziness can be much better than “thoroughness”… 1,158 more words


Randomly Lazy

In the previous article on extending lazy, we extended the lazy views with first_n, which returned a sequence of the first n elements of a sequence. 1,066 more words


Lambda calculus and the fixed point combinator in chemlambda (VII)

This is the 7th  (continuing from part I  and part II  and part III and part IV and part V and part VI)  in a series of expository posts where we put together in one place the pieces from various places about: 1,118 more words

Graphic Lambda Calculus

Working at being lazy

As teased in the previous article, suppose you want a new kind of lazy evaluation. You want to be able to generate a lazy sequence that represents the first n values of a container. 1,016 more words


Lazy by name, lazy by nature

When last we discussed lazy collections and sequences, I opened the article with an “ah-hah-hah, this doesn’t do what you might assume” number.1… 1,219 more words