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Ex-Oh!, Chapter 21 - Still Boring

Despite Jake’s horrible last name – a name I had no intention of ever taking if I was catapulted down the aisle – his prominent lazy eye, his inability to get along with my friends, his preference for Jamie Luner over Heather Locklear, and his self-described “French fry toes” (please, do not make me elaborate)… I still carried on with our relationship and really didn’t have a problem doing so. 3,835 more words

Life... And Other Distractions

Ex-Oh!, Chapter 20 - Boring

To say I wasn’t hurt – at least a little bit – about St. Victor’s two-faced nature would have been a lie.

I was understandably baffled as to why a man would lie about his cancer returning in order to dump me instead of just being honest that there was another dude involved. 3,681 more words

Life... And Other Distractions

Learning How To See

At the end of October, I went to see an eye doctor in New Market to see about vision therapy. I had an exam, and she had me look at all kinds of stuff – pictures, letters on a wall, and a neat little contraption that fed different images to each eye. 1,406 more words

Thirty Seconds Ago... Transitional Awkwardness

Dealing with your parents as you get older can be very liberating. It can also be very awkward. Both parties are trying to learn each other and respect each other as individuals rather than extensions. 447 more words

Perspective Park

The One With The Lazy Eye

This is an old story too. It’s also a great cautionary tale about the perils of alcohol and trusting your friends to help you select a man. 778 more words


anything but a wasted life

It’s Friday night, my first guy. We’ll call him Lazy Eye. He had a lazy eye. I sat down next to him in the audience. 386 more words