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I wish I could do this for him....

I don’t usually talk alot here about my kids or specific situations, but I’m really struggling right now.

Back in October, we took our 5 year old for his first eye exam after he failed a vision test at school.   528 more words

Making Progress

Every once in a while someone who knows about my vision therapy will ask me “how is it going?” I usually don’t know  how to answer them because I don’t have much of a way to gauge the effectiveness of the therapy. 350 more words

5 things

  1. The results are in and writing about life, family, friends and David sparks the most interest. Thanks for participating. 
  2. Speaking of David, we’ve been having fun with his new eye patches.
  3. 178 more words

Darian's new look


Presenting our ‘Little Professor’, Mister Darian Yap. Haha!

Somewhere back in October, Darian was diagnosed with ‘Lazy eye’ and was given a refractive prescription to make a pair of spectacles in order to correct his eye visions.  150 more words

Lil' Darian

Love Yourself!!

Embracing that lazy eye!! Okurrr!

Ande + David

insomnia & how I overdosed

I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is to have insomnia, if you’ve not experienced having it yourself. I started my new job orientation today, and literally I was feeling like I had a massive hangover. 396 more words

Mental Health

Preventing and recognizing a lazy eye

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change for the entire body, particularly for the eyes. A person’s sight undergoes critical developments in the early years, meaning parents must be extra-vigilant about their child’s eyesight during this time. 237 more words

Vision Plan