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April 16th, 2014; Chiang Mai, Thailand

A day of recovery: sandwiches, Italian food, and movies. Water fights can really take it out of you!

Lazy Sunday — Small Faces

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New recipe: Banana Pancakes

Challenge: Try 23 new recipes (7 of 23)

Date: April 6, 2014

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Jackson and I let ourselves take it easy on a Sunday morning. 57 more words


Picnic Party in Paradise

Having been born and raised in Cape Town, as far as I could remember, it rained on Easter Weekend. I have always considered it as rather eerie, seeing that Easter never falls on the same weekend, so weather patterns cannot really be given the blame for this occurrence. 553 more words

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Lazy Sunday

We spent some time at a friends house today and it made the puppies very tired. They slept all the way home. Duke even let Lola rest her head on him.

Tired puppies are happy puppies.


267 Lazy Sunday Confessions - 'The Wire' Spoiler

I have only recently started watching The Wire, and on a news site I frequent, someone spoiled an event in season 2 in the comment section of an article. 24 more words

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

It seems as if we are always going, going going.  I always have some project to finish, some errands to run, it seems never ending.  As my coffee was brewing this morning I made a list of things I wanted to do today after church, then I sat down at my computer, opened up a file I needed to make edits on and began working on it.   234 more words

Lazy Sunday pins

Sorry again for being afkish this weekend but i wasn´t feeling well again, so be patient with me as i catch up starting with this week´s edition of… 29 more words