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Fro and heels kinda day

It was a lazy Sunday, but some women just know how to bring it every day of the week.  Shahoya (i’m bad with names, if you see this, please correct me if i’m wrong) was out and about, nibbling on some street food and she had on these sexy, lace up, basket weave heels with painted red toes peaking through.  39 more words

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The song “Listen” by Beyonce has been playing in my head for the last week or so.  It’s a great song and I remember hearing it for the first time during the period that the movie “Dreamgirls” was released. 69 more words

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Day 30: Family Time

+ I reached day 30! (Even though I keep.posting a day late!)
+ Not much to report today except a lovely day with Paul and Tilly, gluing, playing cars and enjoying a LOVELY bubble bath whilst Tilly and Paul popped out!

Happy Daze...

Like A Sir

Just a quicky because I had a few new things and one is one a time limit here.  Can we talk about this amazing nipple piercings from Haste?   129 more words

In defense of Mondays or Why I hate Sundays

Mondays have a bad reputation. They’re the first of 5 punches straight into the gut; the monstrosity of trailers before the movie; that one person who always shows up 15 minutes early to every party and school dance (go home Brian). 266 more words

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Lazy Sunday

Ahhh, to be resting today.

Take it easy. Kids go back to school here tomorrow, so drive carefully.


Lazy Sunday

Not too lazy today. I took puppies to the park, then went to yoga. I had a great day! I managed to push myself up and balance for a few seconds on a forearm balance, and had a great stretch during class. 68 more words