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Here's To Another Lazy Sunday [7-20-14 Day 14]

Oh how I love Sundays!!! Its my official day off from work that I get off every week, it’s also a day where everyone from my family is off of work and home. 653 more words

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Lazy Sunday

The girls did a lot of this today. It’s been especially hot and humid, so a swim in the lake is so refreshing.


Lazy Sunday Links

Happy Lazy Sunday, friends.

Today’s theme is vlogging, so listed below are some of my (Kelsey’s) favorite Youtube channels:

HowStuffWorks – Stuff Mom Never Told You… 272 more words


Lazy Sunday!

I love lazy Sundays, especially after a hectic week at work. All I’ve done today is simply play with my new makeup palette. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. 117 more words

Lazy Sundays!

Again another lazy sunday. I don’t even…not plan anything I just end up not doing anything. My breakfast, however, was pretty great. We drove down to Libby’s Market which doesn’t look anything like a food place but there they open from 3:00AM to 7:30 PM and serve LOBSTER ROLLS (amongst other things). 270 more words

Lazy Sunday: 20 July 2014

I don’t have internet in my house and so I’m working at this lovely bakery for the day. Unfortunately, the couple next to me is talking about how date rape “isn’t a real thing” and that the current situation in Gaza could be neutralized with by flying in some bacon. 175 more words

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