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Writing Time

Maybe I’m crazy.
It’s almost one month I didn’t write anything. Err, not writing any stories, maybe.
It’s been 2 weeks I didn’t fill up the blank of this blog. 138 more words

Random Things

X-Press 2 feat. David Byrne - Lazy

After writing for inkposts, Ellen Santana tells us what she listens to:

“We’re all guilty of slacking at times and I think this song expresses those lazy moments perfectly. 28 more words

What Writers Listen To

Your Finances

You know why you’re lazy and all corners of the internet will tell you why you should go green. Do you know why you are broke, though? 381 more words

And you think you are lazy,huh?

Bumped into this on the net, it’s fair to say my sense of humor is out there… Just in case you ever saw yourself as lazy… Meet the elders lol… 6 more words



Super lazy day today!

I actually didn’t get out of bed until like 11am today… It’s hard to get up early when you don’t really have a need to… When I got up, get this, I deviated from my morning ritual. 518 more words

Let me ask you something...

It is a wonder that I grew up with my inquisitive nature intact.  I observe my mother’s methods of raising my sister, often times I criticize her for making some terrible choices in diet or habit (I’ll save the details because I’m sure someone will say something along the lines of “you have no right to criticize her if you haven’t gone through raising a child” and I say “fuck you” to you, asshole, because it doesn’t take a fucking doctor to know when someone is feeling ill that they need help.) 787 more words

Life Rant

The Lazy Saver's Guide: For when you’re too lazy to save

If you catch yourself saying: “These tips are great, but I’m just too lazy”,  then join the rest of us who desperately read motivational posts on saving but never really got around to doing anything. 577 more words