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Asked to reflect on his school days, one student ushered in a new course together by writing “I wasn’t a good student in school because I am my personality are very lazy and I miss school for 6 months. 39 more words

Paying The Bills


Hi Guys!

As you know, I am having the urge to do a WordPress Project as the new theme gives me the motivation. Unfortunately, I do not know why but I cannot do it due to laziness. 96 more words


So yesterday I spent the whole day catching up with my soaps (any excuse to avoid revision)! Cooked wayyyyyy to much and ended up feeling sick, tired and fat! 78 more words

Fat, old, lazy.

Have you ever read the nutritional facts on a package of pasta? If so, I’m sure you’re feeling something like me, and Homer here. If not, I recommend doing yourself a solid and… 730 more words

Yoga Trip

Folder Names

I have this nasty habit of being really random with my folder name. And I’m really lazy with the names. I shorten long words so that I don’t need to always type them in. 119 more words


Where is my life going?!?!

The question of the hour, no never mind that, this was the question of the year…

Where was my life going? I was just going to sit back and be nothing or was I going to make a stand and make sure my life goes somewhere! 484 more words

A Girls World


THOUGHT: Simplifying someone down to their basest, simplest form and loving someone to the point of idolization are not two ends of a spectrum. They are two means to the same objective. 25 more words