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me rn

stale air circulating

windows closed.

light seeps through the

curtains to expose,

dust capped tables

and mouldy bowls

of unwashed dinners

from nights long ago. 38 more words


A Letter to My Un-movitaved Self: Have you made this day your bitch yet?

Dear Self,

What are you doing? You’re wasting time. Time that you can’t every get back. Every ten, fifteen, thirty, sixty minutes you spend on Facebook or Instagram is time you can never, ever get back. 246 more words

A problem I've noticed with myself

Well its not just one, I have millions but this one in particular is going to hinder my chances of doing good things in life. 286 more words

Pilot to Myself

I hate being lazy . I hate procrastinating . Up until now, I have never used my full potential in my field (Software Development) . My motivation ends in the annals of my mind, all that potential energy that generates in my mind has seldom been transformed into kinetic energy. 273 more words

Episode 1

Nowhere fast...

Today is laundry day. I love doing laundry.

All that smelly goodness and warm softness.

Since I’m not traveling today farther than the couch…here is a cute cat pic to tide you over. 14 more words



I tried to call out of work this morning. I felt too bad about leaving my coworker to pick up the slack, so I basically just called in saying I was going to be late. 174 more words