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Close Loopholes in Abusers' Gun Ownership

The first-ever hearing on the connection between gun policy and domestic violence in the Senate Judiciary Committee occurred today as members of a witness panel discussed ways to… 1,125 more words

Domestic Violence

Have We Lost Our Ability For A Simple Revolution?

I could talk about A Simple Revolution for eons. It is guaranteed that I will be rereading this book within the next year relearn the lessons within the words, and picking up on lessons previously missed. 316 more words


Lesbianism as a Choice

Reading A Simple Revolution I became enthralled with Grahn’s exploration and self-actualizatioin of her sexuality. Her, and those others she encountered broke free of their chains oppressors had wrapped them in to face brutality and punishment. 204 more words


Family Secrets

There are some things you do not talk about. It does not matter how close your friend, or lover is, you do NOT talk about it. 275 more words


Queer Theories' Intersectionality Pitfalls and My Shortcomings

A Simple Revolution was by far my favorite read of the six books my professor and I agreed to read together. Encompassing feminism, racism, the sixties movements, Malcom X, the military response to homosexuality, middle-class, poverty, and numerous other issues all fully developed within the 269 pages brought a story rarely told: the effort in the movements put forth by those without power or privilege. 504 more words


Federal Health Survey Compares Differences in Sexual Orientation

While cruising my Facebook page I stumbled upon a VOX article reporting a federal health survey comparing health differences between sexual orientation groups. This was fascinating, and I hope you check it out. 17 more words


Coming Out of the Closet

Though Curious Wine was a simple read I would typically take with me on vacation, every book carries a message for the reader. For me that message was the heavy weight given to the decision of being in a same-sex relationship, and being out. 362 more words