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Convenience stores fire back at latest Beer Store ad

TORONTO – The vice-president of Mac’s Convenience Stores is firing back at the Beer Store after a recent advertising blitz characterized convenience store employees as more than willing to sell booze to underage kids. 304 more words


Cancer group urges caution on grocery store LCBO kiosks

Cancer Care Ontario is asking the province to reconsider plans to open LCBO liquor kiosks in grocery stores on the same day it is releasing a new report showing that up to 3,000 cases of cancer diagnosed annually in the province are caused by alcohol. 346 more words


A Classic Cocktail of Success: LCBO Food & Drink

 Sometimes we get so caught up looking at the recent victories, we forget about the things that have been working for years.

The LCBO’s… 368 more words

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The Beer Store & Bad PR: Kill the Thrill

I normally don’t post too much on local news, but this…this was a bit too tempting to resist. And the thing that started it all made me so annoyed, that rather than just rant on social media, I decided to take it to this site to get everything in one place. 780 more words


Robyn Urback: Alcohol in convenience stores? Good heavens — the children!

The comedy geniuses at the Beer Store surely worked overtime to produce their latest ad campaign. The 30-second video, which runs under the banner of “Ontario Beer Facts,” imagines a future provincial dystopia in which alcohol is sold in convenience stores. 719 more words

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Interactive map: How laxer liquor laws could bring you closer to booze

Tuesday in Toronto was one of those days you really didn’t want to walk far for alcohol.

And if every convenience store in the city stocked its shelves with beer and wine, more than half of all Toronto addresses would be within a six-minute walk to take-home booze. 322 more words