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D of E radio tracker project progress update...

Managed to spend a bit of time playing with my gpstxrx project now I’ve finished writing NoSQL For Dummies! Made a lot of progress already… 487 more words


Eon Ultra - It livessss!

Wahooo! After a lovely christmas visit from the girlfriend, I can get round to applying my new postal arrivals – some 680nF capacitors, some 100nF capacitors and some 10M resistors; the last few items required to get the LCD working. 42 more words

Eon Smartwatch

So I took a gamble and bought a 55" HiSense TV the other day...

I like to be an informed consumer and I consider myself a value shopper and I needed a new TV…  I ended up bringing home a brand new Hisense 55″ 1080P 120HZ LED Smart Television (55K23DGW) 352 more words

Apple revolucionará el mercado con MacBook Air Retina

Apple revolucionará el mercado con MacBook Air Retina, la nueva laptop no tiene fecha de lanzamiento anunciada, sin embargo se conocen detalles innovadores que entusiasman tanto a competidores como a usuarios. 185 more words


This Week in Vintage Hardware: The CRT Monitor

Before there was LED, LCD, or just a monitor that didn’t weigh 20 lbs., there was the cathode ray monitor, commonly known as CRT. Although the CRT monitor may not be completely dead, they’re certainly dwindling in use, and can’t be bought brand new anymore, save for perhaps specialty …

Arduino Based Portable Temperature , Humidity , Pressure , Altimeter Device.

I go for hikes to hills for recreation and its necessary to know the surrounding local weather of such places . Keeping in mind the amount of baggage hikers carry with themselves , I devised a Arduino based portable Temperature , Humidity , Pressure , Altimeter display device which is easy to carry and use for my 3rd Year Endsem Project. 315 more words


Arduino Temp monitor : 16x2 LCD

Phase 1:I have been procrastinating on creating a home automation system until I decided to dedicate a few of my hours to this project.
I have decided to use an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi combination. 593 more words