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Checks Remain Uncashed in LCD Settlement

A check with your name on it may be out there, waiting for you to claim it.

About a half-million dollars worth of checks to Wisconsin residents who valid claims in connection with an antitrust case involving LCD screens remain uncashed, according to the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office. 112 more words


Pilih-pilih Harga TV LCD dengan Kualitas Terbaik

Pilih-pilih Harga TV LCD dengan Kualitas Terbaik

Kebanyakan orang akan menjadikan harga TV LCD sebagai patokan utama dalam memilih TV yang akan mereka beli. Kebanyakan orang beranggapan bahwa harga yang mahal adalah jaminan kualitas yang utama dan tentu saja untuk urusan benda elektronik seperti yang satu ini, kualitas adalah hal yang tidak boleh dianggap main-main. 385 more words


The World of Televisions

There was a time when buying a TV was easy. Your favorite brand just sold one kind of TV and all you had to do was walk into a store and empty your pockets. 895 more words


New oscilloscope and new LCDs and LED updates!

Wahooooo! Exams are over, term starts next week and I’m free other than a few nights out with me chums over the next few days. 1,018 more words

Presenting the ESP8266 Capsule!

This project went exceptionally well. With just under two weeks of prototyping and 3.5 straight hours of soldering, the ESP8266 Capsule is complete! The project as I’ve been showing you in previous posts has been crammed into an enclosure (a food container). 623 more words


Product Review ~ #Samsung 32" Series 3 350 LCD TV

How long do you stick with a television?

Several years ago, I purchased a Samsung television, specifically a 32” Series 3 350 LCD TV and Energy Star compliant. 495 more words


A SEGA Dreamcast Controller With a Built-in Screen

was hard at work on a project for a build-off competition when he accidentally fried the circuit board. Not one to give up easily, he opted to start a new project with only two days left in the competition. 361 more words