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Beans and Peas Lower Cholesterol

A recent six week trial published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal evaluated over 1,000 patients and shown that just one serving of legumes (peas, beans, chickpeas, and lentils) can decrease one’s total LDL by 5 percent. 42 more words

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Day 15 - Cassia

Cassia comes from a tree grown in China where it has long been used in Chinese herbal medicine. The tree is closely related to the cinnamon tree, and often, the cinnamon that you buy in the store is actually cassia. 325 more words

Visceral Fat and Insulin Resistance

So not only is it gross to think of fat surrounding your organs and leeching out badness, visceral fat can up your chances of getting diabetes. 155 more words

Butter vs Margarine - Which one is Better?

Butter and margarine serve the same purpose. They are used for cooking, baking and as spreads.

Butter has been a dietary stable for centuries.

It is made by churning the fatty portion of cow’s milk until it turns into the final product… butter. 396 more words

Type 2 diabetes patients benefit from Boswellia Serrata

60 type 2 diabetic patients from both sexes (30 males and 30 females) were dedicated to the control and intervention groups (30 subjects per group). 185 more words

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Grass-Fed Butter is a Superfood

I have come to know firsthand the benefits of grass-fed butter as well as coconut oil and coconut butter. The age-old adage stating that “fat makes you fat” has been proven to not be the case in scientific studies. 1,635 more words

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Pharmacists improve BP, LDL and Stroke

For years pharmacists working in clinical pharmacy has been intervening in medication drug charts and doing DURs and making sure the right medicine gets to the right person at the right time. 552 more words