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What's your take on LDR?

I’ve been single for more than 3 years… the last official boyfriend I had was my best friend of over 9 years and still is to this day. 506 more words

Random Thoughts

The internet never forgets

In class last week ,we covered the novel, Delete by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. The novel talked about the importance of the human brain being able to forget especially in the digital age.  788 more words

I start to love writing as I love you *eaaaaaaaaa :)

All about my Love, My Life, Sometimes my Mood plays a lot :(

It’s been 2 months we have been through LDR (Long Distance Relationship)

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[Love In Lines] 4 Awesome Things About Being In a Long-Distance Relationship - Denise Li

LDRs are hard, but they come with their own set of redeeming factors too, says Denise Li.

Can I just say it? I am absolutely miserable right now. 1,165 more words

Freelance Writer In Singapore

Getting back into it!

Hello my lovely followers (if there’s any of you left out there.) I’m trying my hardest to make a come back! I’m going to do a seven part blog where I explain everything we’ve done to this point for the wedding. 82 more words


Lana Del Rey: An artificial creation of the music industry?

I shamelessly admit that I’m completely obsessed with everything that is Lana Del Rey. An intriguing and charming personality, a unique and mesmerizing voice that resembles 1950s and ’60s Americana, a flare for fashion, and those hard hitting, poetical lyrics that on numerous occasions have made me weep for days. 376 more words


I Love Mail

I love the internet, I also love mail…

so it is only natural that I love the places where these two subjects converge.  One major example of of mail meets internet is care packages.   598 more words