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Thermin: LDR and Sounds


void setup(){

void loop(){
int sensorReading = analogRead(A0);


int thisPitch = map(sensorReading, 400, 1000, 120, 1500);

tone(9, thisPitch, 10);


Because BFFs Are LDRs Too

When you move away, romantic relationships aren’t the only long-distance relationships you have. This post is dedicated to my Best Friend Forever (BFF), Ana, who sent me the most amazing care package ever! 142 more words


Damage Pt. 2

Sitting in the bathroom with the light off and his phone in my hand. I didnt go through his phone, I went straight to the private messages on this social app… What’s crazy is it never dawned on me to look through his photo album or look at his text messages. 548 more words


Vi.... That app.

A gift and a curse.

I met my lover
I lost my lover


I have a story to tell... Pt. 1

I met my current best friend/ex-boyfriend on a popular social media site…

I always seen him but I never spoke until one day we talked about Jordan’s. 493 more words


Hadiah wisuda dari mu

” Liburan ini berawal dari kamu yang berkata akan memberikan hadiah wisuda kepada ku berupa perjalanan. Perjalanan yang umum bagi lainnya, tapi tidak bagi kita. Terutama kamu yang kemana mana selalu dengan kendaraan pribadi. 48 more words


The worst thing about marriage.

Today my husband is leaving me. Again. Okay, maybe not so dramatically as that’s written but having a musician as a husband has its perks, but also can be tough on my little heart. 713 more words