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BDC. Barcelona Drawing City en París

¿Qué sería hoy en día de Barcelona sin su ilustración? Paula Bonet, Conrad Roset, Irene Bou, Lantomo, Albert D. Arrayás, son algunos de los nombres que están siendo más oídos estos últimos años, y es que parece ser que esta rama artística está empezando a cuajar o quizás ya ha cuajado tanto que precisa de su expansión, quien sabe, lo que si es seguro es que todos estos artistas que forman parte de esta escena artística no dejan indiferentes al espectador, de momento barcelonés, pero, que pasa si salimos de esta ciudad e incluso del país? 176 more words


Paris in black and white

It’s not the first time we’ve done a post on Paris; it’s true, the city of lights and more just keeps drawing us back as an art, design and culture destination, where we soak in all the inspirations and translate that into better ideas for our marketing work. 90 more words

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Le Marais

Le Marais–one of the visibly oldest neighborhoods in Paris. Once known as the poorest, dirtiest, and smelliest areas of the capitol is now somewhat of a museum where you can walk through time and see how the buildings and streets have changed over the past several centuries. 248 more words

Kosher Falafel..

Falafel, some might call it street food I call it vegan heaven served on plate.

What is Falafel? It’s a traditional Middle Eastern food, a deep-fried vegan meatball composed of chickpeas with fava beans. 48 more words


3 Days in Paris: Or, How an American Living in London Tried to Become une Parisienne in a Weekend.

London and Paris are practically kissing cousins, so it will come as no surprise if I admit I’ve ventured across the channel at least annually since relocating to Britain, but this time I wanted to attempt to experience Paris as the Parisians do, so I figured I best begin with some flânerie. 186 more words


it's bastille day! {aka any excuse to eat French pastries}

So, of course, today is the highly anticipated holiday Bastille Day!  Now, don’t judge me too much here but until recently, {try one week ago} I had no idea what Bastille Day was except an excuse to indulge in some macaroons, croissants, brioche, creme brûlée…I think you get the point.   254 more words


Back to Le Marais

It’s hard to stay away from the Marais. The people, buildings, shops, food, history – so we wandered back there today. Along the way we stopped for lunch at a little cafe directly across the street from a handsome and fun building which houses a Monoprix in its first two floors – Monoprix is a french chain similar to Target, and indeed Malika and I did some shopping there yesterday. 194 more words