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Marine Le Pen: "Who stole all that money?"

This is usually material for our Marine’s Gems/Perles de Marine section, but it was too good not to write a blog post. 

On April 10th, far-right leader Marine Le Pen participated in Des Paroles et des Actes, one of the most prominent TV debate shows in France. 793 more words


Bread and Violets

When I first bought this tiny derelict house, my neighbours gave me a photo of an aerial view of the village. At that time there was just one swimming pool to be seen. 194 more words

Estado vs Nazis, round 1

Las noticias de Ucrania no salen de las primeras páginas de los periódicos online desde hace semanas. Sin embargo no se otorga la importancia que se merece la lucha entre el Ministerio de Interior de Ucrania presidido por Arsen Aksenov, hombre de Timoshenko, contra Praviy Sector que de hecho es el primer choque que podemos observar desde años en el Viejo Continente entre un movimiento neonazi y el Estado. 396 more words


Am I a slave?

I wake up and I found that I don’t have anything, only my soul. All I supposedly have, from hard work, is of the Government. The Great Beast, Freemasons,The deception, 666, The Tyrannus. 129 more words

A worrying wave of nationalism: FN, UKIP, PVV

Is Europe falling apart? Or are the difficulties haunting the continent forging the will to stick togheter?


France: Front National

Last week, on 23 March, 2014, the extreme-right Front National party in France put forward its strongest showing in local elections in recent years. Although it only contested in 600 out of 3,600 constituencies, it won over 7% of the popular vote. 1,841 more words


La lezione dell'ultimo voto francese

Le ultime elezioni amministrative in Francia hanno visto un’avanzata del Fonte Nazionale e un contemporaneo tracollo del Partito Socialista al potere. Nel momento in cui ti ritrovi in una crisi come questa, la gente chiede giustamente un cambiamento e si rivolge verso coloro che sono apparentemente in grado di fornirlo. 457 more words