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Blues Guitar Lessons Review: Playing Through The Blues With Griff Hamlin

According to author Griff Hamlin: Playing Through The Blues – Guide For The Lead Guitar Player, is the most comprehensive and easiest method to learn Blues Lead Guitar You will learn every amazing lick, scale, technique, and cool trick that youll ever need to know Youll learn how guys like… 11 more words

How Long Does It Take to Play Guitar Well?

How Long Does It Take to Play Guitar Well?
A common question among beginners picking up the guitar is how quickly they’ll be able to play it properly. 37 more words

The Best Blues Guitar Scales - For Lead Guitar

Playing best blues guitar scales include the Am Pentatonic scales, natural A minor scales, E minor, G shuffle licks and many others. These scales can help you not only to master the blues scales but also help you to play lead guitar and improvise your own lick and riffs over blues backing… 8 more words

My practice routine needs some spice

My infatuation with Paul Gilbert’s solo albums may have dissipated (just slightly) the past few weeks but that humble, shred-tastic man is rarely far from my mind.   421 more words


Tipsy Tuesday: Play outside of your comfort zone

Exactly two years ago, I was here in Charlotte preparing for my big move to California in August.  During that stressful, scary but oh-so-exciting period in my life, I was losing sleep from the anticipation.   317 more words