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Lead Belly's Legacy: The Proteus of the Blues

There are certain artists whose legacy is a product both of variety and extent; like Proteus, the Greek sea god whom Homer called The Old Man of the Sea, they present to us both an ever-changing aspect, and one too vast to be grasped at once. 1,005 more words

Just because I can.....

Just because I saw this on Dr Feelgoods Facebook page, thought I’d share it too!


Leadbelly, the blues and race

The blues emerged during a period of tremendous inequality, injustice and discrimination against black communities in the Southern States.  During this time, it would have been pretty much impossible for blues artists to sing protest songs in the way that they were sung in the 1960s when the Civil Rights’ movement had gathered momentum. 608 more words


D.D Dumbo shares tunes that inspired his eclectic, looped take on the blues

D.D Dumbo’s music sounds like a group effort, but it’s just the work of one Aussie wunderkind. And although Oliver Hugh Perry performs alone onstage, he’s not a DJ. 641 more words


Sunday Ramblings : MTV Unplugged Nirvana : Can't Believe It's Been 20 Years ....

I can’t believe this album is 20 years old.  Knowing that old favourites have reached this milestone makes me feel a heightened awareness of the passage of time.   125 more words

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Midnight Special

Frizz at FlkrComments played Midnight Special again and very nicely I might add. He included a number of terrific UTube versions as well. Why does Frizz feature… 116 more words

A vinyl postcard of New Orleans music

Chris Thomas King

Essay: New Orleans Music Direct-to-Disk

Chris Thomas King Foundation

5 December 2014

The other night I was hosting some friends from out of town. 1,057 more words

Baton Rouge