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"Intention" and Why I Haven't Posted In 26 Days

I haven’t posted in 26 days.  I have done other things, important things that no one would call into question.  However, as a writer and a blogger and a thinker and a leader I must deliver.   307 more words


The Best Teammate

The best leader sees himself as a teammate and not a separate entity of the team. Everyone on the team has to know that the leader is the best teammate they know. 25 more words


Invest in what is priceless.

I thank God today that who I am is a product of someone’s investment in me.

A friend of mine named Ryan, once urged me to not waste my time worrying about things that don’t matter. 149 more words


Project Confidence: Why I Need It

First of all, I cannot believe that my first Project Confidence post was 3 weeks ago! I honestly have no idea where all of that time as disappeared to, it’s a bit scary actually. 702 more words


The golden centre: WHY?

At University, they teached us about what and how but never why…


Out of Practice

I looked back at my entry before the break, from sometime in May, and noticed that, around the same time, I started working on some art.   950 more words


6 Things To Learn From An Internship

I feel different. When I talk in front of a group of people I’m more confident. I’m excited for the future. But more importantly, I’ve started to believe in myself more than I ever thought possible. 970 more words