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Is Graduate School Necessary?

So…Why graduate school?  Why Arts Management?

…are the two questions I get asked the most when people find out I’m in grad school.  The answer I really want to give is: “Well, why not?” 1,971 more words


100 is not the same. Not 100%.

We. We are an #100yrCompany not even 100yrs old. An 100yrs old company is different from an 100 year company, because the former is talking about an elephant that endures, while the latter is an enduring idea that undergoes transformation over time, at all time consistently. 127 more words


Today's Thought

If you are not building your own dreams then someone else will hire you to build theirs!Do not be afraid of building your dreams and the work ahead or possible hard times. 39 more words

Today's Thought

It's Like That Everywhere

“It’s like that everywhere.” It’s a response I’ve used many times. It is a Swiss Army knife phrase; it can be a balm to sooth the cries of bleak or a final retort to silence the indignant. 90 more words

What Makes a Good Leader?

So I got to thinking after last night’s post, what actually makes someone a good leader? Who am I to judge? Maybe the not so good… 366 more words

Role Models

Here is my definition of a good one.

A person that behaves properly when no one else is around would be someone I could respect. … 8 more words

Human Behaviour

SAS #4 featuring L.E.A.D.

While this post is a little late (considering my Super Adventure Saturday was 4 days ago) I feel like it’s still necessary to post..and I can’t break my four post spree, right? 439 more words