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People are less judgmental of a leader for how he or she is doing, than how they are doing following them. It is easy to blame the leader for your lack of achievements, however you have to look into yourself. 33 more words


Getting to Know The General

The name Graham Greene had been dormant in a foggy area of my brain for a prolonged time, until it was brought back to the surface by Linda, an exquisite blogger from Texas.  1,355 more words


Dawn of Def Jam: Rick Rubin Returns to His NYU Dorm Room

3:08 “I have never met somebody so focused. He just had that do it yourself attitude where he knew what he wanted to do and he was not afraid to fail.” 203 more words

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The Sacrifice of Authentic Leadership

One of the biggest myths of leadership is what John Maxwell calls The Freedom Myth. Basically it says that once you’ve reached “the top” you’re pretty much set. 504 more words


How to be an entrepreneur happily married to an entrepreneur

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By Tarik Sansal and Rechelle Balanzat, ENTREPRENEUR

ROMIO and Juliette means more to us than a Shakespearean, romantic tragedy. 746 more words


The Female Alpha

When most people hear the phrase ‘female alpha’ they think of the most attractive, powerful or domineering woman they know. However, female alphas are not so easily recognizable. 1,073 more words