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It's not hard to 'shine'

As my leadership and management experience has grown so has my ability and confidence…..It make sense! But even now I don’t know half of it and I never will but my strength is that 1) I know it, and 2) I’m determined to continue to learn. 620 more words


U.S. Religious Leaders Embrace Cause of Immigrant Children

While politicians play tricks of various stripes, real religious leaders step up. Any minister, rabbi, imam or priest knows that all religions deal with social justice for the “lesser” in our society. 6 more words

How to Turn Your Employees into Leaders

Hello, Samuel Striker here.

Some people are born to be leaders and naturally have the skills and poise that makes a perfect leader. Others, however, need to be taught how to be a leader. 341 more words


Getting Along at Work

If you’re anything like I am, you worry about getting along with others. Although, if you really are like me, you worry about a lot more than that, but that’s for another blog post. 514 more words


Quote of the Day | 07.25.14

The truly transformative leader is always learning how to communicate more effectively and how to enjoy it even more as leadership matures.

- Albert Mohler

Think Leadership Is Logical? Think Again

Here’s yet another illustration of why I do so much work around enhancing Emotional Intelligence… New research shows (again) how relationships are based on emotional intelligence, and emotions affect outcomes: 15 more words

Focused Coaching

Pray for Those

“You shall not revile God, nor curse a ruler of your people” (Ex. 22.28). I hear an awful lot of cursing of our rulers. We may not always agree with them, and they may not always do what is in our best interest, or even have it in mind at all times. 176 more words