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Leadership Quote - 10/1/2014

Leaders make things possible. Exceptional leaders make them inevitable. – Lance Morrow

Small Business

Attendance Matters

“80 percent of success is showing up.”

This quote, often attributed to filmmaker Woody Allen, is a reminder of how important attendance is. We cannot educate students that don’t come to school.

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What Policing Should Be


One of the exercises we used to do in training was to define something as what it is versus what it is not – an “Is/Is Not” exercise. 177 more words


The laugh aloud of peace

There are times when peace seems to be a distant far away and there are things that we as humanity have to give in order for peace to reign. 143 more words

Forward Thinking

The heart of a 17 yr old boy

Who knows the heart of a 17 yr old boy?

A boy that is not your son. your brother. a family member.

Who knows his fears.

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How to Survive Changing Job Roles

So the past several months since my last post have been pretty eventful. From new jobs, new travels, and new adventures, listing each and everything out would cause me to want to go into each one in depth. 1,654 more words

Operating with Integrity

Gerren V is the author of Combination 2 Success – The greatest guide to accomplishing goals in the 21st Century. His eBook is available at… 595 more words