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A Complete and Utter Shambles

I am not sure quite why I watch The Apprentice on television. Is it for sheer entertainment? Or is it to learn something about the skills that have made Alan Sugar a fortune, lifting him up from humble beginnings to the House of Lords? 282 more words

Team Roles

50 Rejection Letters (My First Winter In Australia)

Brrrr. I looked outside the ground floor window of my bedroom. It is c o l d. Bitingly c o l d. I have three layers on! 602 more words


Plan B

Sometimes you need a Plan B.

Not long ago I helped a friend with some work around the house. The truth is I'm pretty handy with home repair and renovation projects and as my ex would tell you, I never met a tool I didn't like. 512 more words


Sticky, Authentic and Impactful Fathers

Even when we get a good idea of what it isn’t and what it is, there typically remains the very practical question of how to do it. 391 more words


Do you Depend on People or Processes?

When Entrepreneurs start their business and during the initial growth stage, they rely upon a few people to know most aspects of their operations. Entrepreneurs depend upon these key people for everything and if someone is absent, it disrupts the operation as no one else is aware of the required details. 133 more words


Cultural Change

Northouse (2012) defines culture as “the learned beliefs, values, rules, norms, symbols, and traditions that are common to a group of people.” (Kindle Locations 7160-7161) Any culture has the potential for change and often times it is the collective mindset of most to be in an environment of purpose, security, and acceptance, which is a part of the servant leadership model introduced by Greenleaf. 294 more words

Doctoral Projects