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Transforming An Organisational Culture of Blame

If you’re a parent like me you would have seen the blame game play out many times. Somethings broken and when mum or dad ask who did it, fingers shoot in all directions with the young ones pointing at anyone but themselves. 790 more words


Leadership: An Inside Out Proposition

The question was once asked – are leaders born, or can one learn to lead?  I contend there is truth in both camps.  But whether you are a born leader or born to lead, you must experience transformation on some level in order to be an effective leader.  979 more words


Don’t tell clients what you can do?

Building your sales pipeline is not about what you can do. John (not his real name) is going through a process of setting up sales meeting with new clients to build his IT company. 181 more words

Business Coach

How Star Wars helped me appreciate planning

I admit it. I don’t like planning. I find it tedious and I am always itching to do something. I love problems, projects, challenges that can be solved and then you can move on. 335 more words


Embracing Change

Change is a way of life, as inevitable as it gets. Sometimes it’s change you want and have pushed for. Sometimes it’s sudden, sometimes it’s welcome. 264 more words


8 Elements for Building a Productive Team


One of the critical elements in building a sustainable organization is building an effective team.  Usually when I enter an organization, my first priority is to build a good team. 287 more words


The Coach Is In ... It's Official. And Here's the Certificate to Prove It.

Now I’m not saying where I placed in GMU’s Cohort #7. But I’m reminded of a couple of jokes:

Joke/Question #1: “What do you call the last man or woman who graduates from medical school?” 84 more words