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Turning the talent telescope around part 1 - new thinking for identifying talent within an organisation

I know the intent of most talent management programmes is good. We need talented leaders in the future, they want developing, let’s put them together and grow our own leaders. 603 more words


A Couple’s Calling: Gourmet Marshmallow Treats

Judy Soldinger was a registered nurse. Her husband, Steve, worked in broadcasting for more than 40 years. Now the Portsmouth, Virginia couple is busy producing Crispycakes — soft and gooey marshmallow treats that are making their way into locations ranging from airports to book stores. 196 more words


Responsibility of Success

There are a lot of us who have been told we will amount to nothing, nothing of yours is ever going to be great, you will never and ever be successful and most of us have yielded to all these threats. 110 more words

Forward Thinking

New Threat to Peace

It is a lot that we deal with as humanity and at times its just unbearable, as the world today may look at the events in Ukraine and Russia closely, there is only one thing that the world may wish. 170 more words

Forward Thinking

Innovative culture and failing big.

Two days in April, Prague municipal library was the host of Web Expo’s Interactive Design Conference that saw participants from both some of Czech Republic’s, and the worlds premier digital companies including Mailchimp, Etsy, Meetup, GoodData, BBC and AVAST. 283 more words


The Five Minute Entrepreneurs

This exploreb2b.com article, written by Elvin Turner, discusses how to let employees use five minutes a day to create future value for the organization. The employees create value for the company today; why not use them to create value for tomorrow? 30 more words

Small Business

Live the Ride

Why do you ride? We can get hung up on describing the experience of riding a motorcycle. It doesn’t stop us from trying, however, and there’s no end to how we express this passion through different media – writing, video, photos, experiences. 446 more words