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Person Centred Leadership Part 6: 6 Ways to Help People Find Meaning in What They do at Work

Martin Seligman (in Flourish) tells us that finding or making meaning is one of the 5 core things that contribute to our sense of wellbeing (the others are experiencing positive emotions, feeling engagement, having positive relationships and achievement). 337 more words


Up and Running

Helping others to find their passion and execute their goals has always been my ultimate desire. I have over 10 years of coaching and engagement development experience; whether it is a classroom, a non-profit, personal development or entrepreneurial pursuit, or working for a Fortune 500 company, my passion is to help you implement your passion. 114 more words


Are You Accidentally Devaluing Yourself?



In having a particularly interesting conversation with my cousin recently as many of them often are, he said something that struck a chord in me… 776 more words



Recently, I spared time to visit a children’s home. and just like many of my undertakings, they never disappoint.

In this quest, I met beautiful, smiley and innocent kids playing joyously… They were so friendly and willing to embrace anyone who showed concern. 1,045 more words


Self-directed learning

Some highlights from the paper “Self Directed Learning”, Hiemtra, R. (1994)


- Self-directed learning assumes that humans grow in capacity and need to be self-directing. 115 more words


Playful learning Leadership

“We don’t learn from experience, We learn from reflecting upon our experience.”  (Thiagi)

As a guest lecturer at the Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, Netherlands, I was recently asked to deliver an Advanced Course on Leadership to students.

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