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My personal cheerleader...

I’ve talked before about some of the bad managers I have had during my career… like Teflon,  or the manager who threatened to throw her… 488 more words

Personal Growth

A Cry for Help – Why we need to save the Red Cross.

This month a friend wrote a good piece on their blog entitled “Why we need the Red Cross” (I encourage you read it http://blog.thelionofbabylon.com/2014/09/why-we-need-red-cross.html?spref=fb) and the release of recent survey results caused me to think of the present title. 1,309 more words

Emergency Management

What’s New versus What Works


Yesterday was a high holiday on the technophile calendar with the latest Apple launch event.  New icons for the altar of the neophiles.

So many articles focus on “innovation” and “embracing failures” is often a theme in those examinations. 316 more words

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Monday Period 1 - New Beginnings

So it’s a NEW week and a NEW term and a NEW year – three in one!

We had our INSET and those slightly odd first days of admin and assemblies, so I’ve already heard a lot of year group assemblies and heard a number of teachers saying “It’s a new start”. 868 more words

Leadership And Management

Six Misunderstandings about the Lean Startup

By Karen Utgoff

Use of Lean Startup techniques is becoming ubiquitous in entrepreneurship circles these days and rightly so. Along with the closely related Lean Launchpad methodology, this highly effective approach puts one essential success factor — fit between customers, markets, products and company — front and center for founders who might previously have defaulted to “If we build it they will come.” 645 more words

Karen Utgoff

Trust and Leadership

Gung Ho – Spirit of the Squirrel

I have long been a follower and believer in the Blanchard “Gung Ho Theory”. Over the last few weeks I was observing some squirrels (Spirit of the Squirrel) and I noticed, where I live, they seem to scurry about in teams. 238 more words


When and How to call your Boss out On a Mistake

We all make mistakes in the workplace — even bosses. It can be very intimidating to tell your boss when you notice they made a mistake, and you definitely shouldn’t always do so. 993 more words