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John Bell Hood: Dope Fiend?

The American Civil War, it seems, is awash in stories that “everyone” knows to be true. We accept them as fact because they either make for a great story, or they ring so true to life, that it seems natural for them to be established and proven. 671 more words


Stonewall vs. Stonewall vs. Stonewall: Such Books as These!

Does the world need another Stonewall Jackson biography? Of course, the world will read another Stonewall Jackson biography. There are thousands of people just like me who can’t get enough of old Jack. 504 more words

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The Joy and Sadness of Archibald Gracie

Brigadier General Archibald Gracie was an unlikely Confederate general: a New Yorker by birth and pedigree. Gracie’s family was prominent in New York City from the Colonial era on. 420 more words


Franklin 150th: To Die Like Men

It had all led to this: Major General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, known as the “Stonewall of the West,” galloped up to his brigade commanders assembled on top of Breezy Hill, just south of the little town of Franklin, Tennessee. 1,215 more words


Hood Remembered: Daniel T. Davis

The memory of John Bell Hood has taken on a popular view that more often than not emphasizes the negative while ignoring the positive. As has been mentioned over the course of the last several days in “Hood Remembered,” Hood rendered invaluable service to Robert E. 103 more words


Hood Remembered: Chris Mackowski

Soon after my five-year-old daughter got hooked on the Civil War, she had me buy for her two decks of Civil War flashcards. The blue deck contained Union officers, the gray  Confederates. 279 more words


Hood Remembered: Ryan Quint

John Bell Hood is one of those Civil War commanders that seems like he was promoted above his capacity. He’s hardly alone in that category, joined by numerous others who were commanding at a level they should not have been. 132 more words