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Be A Sherpa Coach: Why the Best Leaders are Servants, Not Kings

BY JOSH LINKNER | Inc.com – If you set out to climb Mt. Everest, one of the first things you do is hire a Sherpa. Originally an ethnic group in Nepal, today a “Sherpa” is the common term used for the leader of a mountain climbing expedition. 36 more words

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Becoming A Leader (Part 1)

The test of time, changing roles and even technology may make leadership qualities look different, but the truth is that leadership qualities have been remarkably consistent from the beginning of civilisation until today. 796 more words

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Being Good could be a Bad Idea

How many times have you been told to “be good”?  Especially as a kid.  We grow up thinking that conforming to this often vague concept is the pinnacle of human development.  215 more words


Never Let Anything Stand In The Way of You Connecting With The Right People!

Never Let Anything Stand In The Way of You

Connecting With The Right People!

                 If you have/had parents like I did growing up, they probably said things to you like, “It’s not what you know, but who you know that counts!” when preparing you for the real world. 296 more words


Some Encouraging Online Resources that Will Be Worth Your While

Below are some links to websites and blogs I have found incredibly helpful for not only my ministry, but spiritual formation as well. Enjoy!

The Resurgence… 386 more words

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Winsight Episode 7: Developing Leaders


Leadership is a buzz word and everyone wants to be a leader. The truth is a small percentage of people are actually leaders. Now you can learn leadership skills, but that doesn’t make you a leader. 126 more words

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Tuesday Tip:  If your competition crashes will you wait for them?

Underneath the Tour De France (Tour) there exists a strong sense of proper etiquette among the riders.  Two of these unwritten rules played out in the final minutes of this year’s Tour.  588 more words

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