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How to Weed Out the Unprincipled

Integrity is a quiet characteristic but it speaks loudly to people. 

However, there are people who think the opposite and believe their secrets are well-hidden behind a safe wall of confident smiles, firm handshakes, expensive suits and well-known brands. 268 more words


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Hire a Friend or Relative

Keep your friends for friendship, but work with the skilled and competent.” –Robert Greene (not that our friends or relatives aren’t skilled and competent) 486 more words



Watch Bill Hybels as he talks about how to simplify things in leadership.

Leadership Development


Entrepreneurship and leadership development get together. Entrepreneurship is a developing occurrence all around the world. Possibly the non profit industry has mastered the concepts of entrepreneurship could possibly be placed on fix the issues of the world and of the community where we reside. 366 more words

Leadership Development

Leaders and Managers, How Are They Really Different?

By Everett Ladd

“Good managers must do things rights” while “good leaders must do the right things.” Probably true, at least in part, at the highest levels in large organizations. 226 more words


Has The Recession Made You Anxious At Work?

If it has, you are not alone. And, not only is this an issue for anyone who is employed, it’s a leadership dilemma as well. … 251 more words


Scaling with Gov. Funds

In response to large deficits and decreased tax revenue, many government services continue to shrink compelling many communities to turn to nonprofits for help. Although nonprofits deliver these essential services, often they remain financed by government bodies. 375 more words