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How to Rise and Thrive Through Pressing Problems

We’ve all had bosses who proved they didn’t care about people by how they responded to pressing problems.

Leaders who get lost in problems lose sight of people.

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Leadership Development

Talking Talent Reviews: repost of Q&A with Cornerstone OnDemand

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Cornerstone On Demand about how I have helped a company implement talent reviews as the capstone of their annual talent management process. 69 more words


Training New Leaders

As the new organizational leader, you have taken the time to recruit the right people to run your group. You worked hard ensuring they occupy positions where they will excel. 574 more words


Getting Back to Work ~ What Motivates Us

I hate to say it…but I will. Summer is coming to a close. It feels a little sad saying adios to the hazy, crazy, sometimes lazy days of summer. 569 more words


10 Courtesies Every Leader Should Remember

Courtesy – Excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior. –Random House Dictionary

“Everything rises and falls on leadership,” says John Maxwell. He’s right. The temperament of a leader is an important ingredient that goes a long way in determining his or her success. 747 more words

A Good Leader Knows The Team’s Colors

Leadership can be a very challenging task. As leaders we don’t always get to choose who is on our team. In fact very often a leader inherits a team, of which most of the members have been there far longer than the leader, and may even know more about the work than the leader. 577 more words

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3 Tools to Combat Insecurity

If we’re honest, we all deal with insecurity. That internal voice that speaks, and often screams “you’re not good enough”. Often it’s without serious consequence because we’re able to justify our inadequacy…nobody is good at everything. 377 more words