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Finding Balance

Balance is Key with today’s Leadership Development Tip!

Don’t forget to take time to enjoy your life outside of work and set aside some free time to do what you most enjoy.

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Leadership Development

3 Foundations to Small Group Ministry(1 of 3)

1. Connect: LifePoint Adults, Connection Events, Campaigns

2. Grow: Spiritual Health Survey, Christ Centered Journey, Gender-based Huddles

3. Live Sent: Test Drives, Service opportunities, Mission experiences… 391 more words

Leadership Development

Why Isn't There Enough Time in the Day? 7 Time Management Tips

Why Isn’t There Enough Time in the Day? 7 Time

Management Tips

                 We are all afforded the same 24 hours in each day – nothing more and nothing less. 1,151 more words


A Painless Process for Feedback

Asking for feedback is not easy. Giving feedback is not any easier! You can make it easy on both sides with a couple simple techniques. 467 more words


Coming Off the Meeting “High”

Meetings. Just the word alone can make a room cringe. The word gets a bad rap—not because meetings aren’t good a good thing—but because people don’t know how to conduct a proper one. 241 more words

Leadership Development


Ok, if you wanted to know about one area that I discuss more than any other it is communication.

While this might seem like a simple topic, I find that it is probably the thing that humans do less successfully than any other activity. 188 more words

Seven Ways to Get Smarter

Given my druthers, I’d choose smart over dumb. Sadly, all of us do things that prolong dumbness.

4 qualities of smart leaders who stay dumb: 286 more words

Leadership Development