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Leadership Development – five lessons from politics

It felt a privilege to be on a call last night with a political leadership specialist. I thought it was going to be one of those dry, academic, conversations. 827 more words


3 Ways to Motivate Change

No matter how cool, calm and collected professionals may look or what they might be willing to admit, change makes them nervous. You might hear it in a tone of voice, see it in body language or sometimes hear it stated right up front. 405 more words


Coaching for Personality Preferance

Not everyone is motivated by the same thing or in the same way. Personality preferences influence both the coach and the person being coached. For the coach, certain approaches and methods will come more naturally, depending on their personality. 263 more words


How to Get the Most From Irritating People

You don’t want to understand irritating people. You want to control, correct, or eject them. Leaders who don’t understand irritating people resort to authority and miss opportunity. 278 more words

Leadership Development

Motivate Yourself in 30 Seconds

BY GEOFFREY JAMES, Inc.com – It’s easy to motivate yourself when you ask your mind (and heart) the right questions.

Getting motivated is easy. All you need do is “connect the dots” between why you take action and what action you must take next. 63 more words

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Look Back and Learn: Investing in Wisdom Equity

In researching and working on some leadership development material for an ongoing writing project, I came across the following:

Christianity is a religion of change. Jesus’ call in Mark 1:15 (the kingdom of God is at hand) was a call to change – change of mind and heart, of conduct and character, of self and society.

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