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Choose Your Words Wisely: How we program our children negatively without knowing it

Being a parent is hard work. It’s a job we want to do right, and we struggle every day in our own heads wondering if we are screwing our kids up. 248 more words

Life Lessons

Handling Criticism.

I have discovered that the more you succeed or excel people will criticize you.  It does not matter what field you are in – business, church, education or politics.   355 more words


How do you recover employees’ trust after the troubleshooter has gone?

Undoubtedly there are times when an organisation or function needs a shake-up. One approach is to bring in an outsider. Someone with no legacy loyalties, no history, no baggage, but with a clearly defined agenda: whether it be to deliver savings, to restructure to align with a changed trading environment, to effect a business turnaround or to fix some other problem. 448 more words

Corporate Communications

Are you digital washing?

During the 1990s companies rushed to put the letter ‘e’ in front of their products and services to be part of the eBusiness/eCommerce trend that was sweeping through just about every industry. 1,201 more words


The Funny Thing About Change.

Something that happened more than a few years ago now came to my mind this morning. I once sat across the desk from a big man who owned the small business I was working for and he said to me, “You know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about you it’s that you adapt well to change.” It took me back at first. 471 more words


How Glass Doors Can Transform a School

In our new 6-12 Campus, one of the main features we completely redesigned are the doors and entrances of our classrooms. Instead of the old school door with a narrow rectangular window (which usually gets covered), 316 more words

Educational Leadership

A most baffling resignation: Why did United Technologies’ stalwart CEO step down?

It was one of the most baffling C-suite resignations in recent memory. At 7 a.m. on Monday, November 24, United Technologies announced that Louis Chenevert, its CEO since April 2008, was stepping down immediately at age 57. 957 more words