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The vagaries of success

I was in the class of Marshall Goldsmith, the celebrated leadership coach, one the Great Thinkers of our times. He started the 2-day program outlining how we delude ourselves about our own achievements and how success becomes an obstacle on the path of getting better at something. 439 more words

What have you to do with us Jesus?

Mark 1:21-28

… a man with an unclean spirit, and he cried out, “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? 1,121 more words

Theology & Culture


Provision is a combination of “pro” and “vision.  The prefix “pro” means “for” or “before” or “forward.”  The word “vision” means “something that is or has been seen.”  Put together, the word “provision” means “before or for something that is or has been seen.”  It’s conveys the idea that you have been given everything you need to complete or carry out something that you have seen or has been shown to you. 491 more words

Spiritual Growth

Former Liberal leaders have merger on their minds

Alberta’s former Liberal leaders have radical ideas to revive the party — from enticing the leader of the Alberta Party to lead the Liberals to a full-blown merger of the centre-left. 859 more words