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Collaboration that Generates Results: 5 Articles with Interesting Tips

Not so long ago, I was asked by a client to help with the rollout of a large corporate transformation program. One thing quickly became clear: producing tangible results will in large part depend on the quality of collaboration between teams and people across company divisions. 678 more words


How Change Affects Managers

How Change Affects Managers  

We would all recognise the “Lobster in the Boiling Pot” scenario where the temperature is increased slowly and steadily with each subsequent rise in the heat of the water not really being noticed or felt by the lobster until it is well and truly cooked. 686 more words

Management Style


Often when churches instigate change it is a reaction to something, say a realisation of declining numbers and / or declining financial contributions or maybe problems with the building. 399 more words


When change does not work.

Yesterday I wrote about the epic fail of Target Canada as they announced they are pulling out after less than two years.The focus there was how Target mismanaged their expectations, as well as those of their customers.You can read that blogpost at my whatdotyouexpect.ca site: ( 481 more words

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Going Google at my School: Y2 - Autumn 2014 Review

Having implemented Google Apps for Education (GAfE) over a year ago it was time to get some feedback. The new academic year has seen a boost in the number of people logging into their school Google account so now the majority are logging in I want to know what they think about the experience. 663 more words

Google Apps For Education

On the passing of my mentors.

This past month has been a sad season for me as I have observed the passing of two of my mentors. These are men who had a strong impact on my life in my… 506 more words

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70% rule - leading a team through a change

This is a rather Machiavellian tip.  It is about who to have in the room. Or put differently, who to ‘forget’ to include.

I wish I could source this tip.  405 more words