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My First Street Image

This image and I go way back. In fact, I think I took this shot on my very first street photography shooting attempt. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was looking for, but for some reason this particular image has stuck with me from that day. 133 more words



In the picture I blur out the object so the line is the thing that has to be the focus item.

Leading Lines

My Living Room

at the time i took this picture my mom was on the other side and i scared her when she went to the other side.

Leading Lines

My Doggy

 This chain on my dog is only there to slow my dog down only. ( and yes i’m telling the truth)

Leading Lines

Photography Research

In photography, there are many different camera features and settings that you have to keep in mind when taking photos, as each of them can be the difference between taking a successful photograph and not. 315 more words


Composition Toolbox - Triangular Base - Rule of Thirds - Leading Lines

The triangle is a proven structure for increasing solidity.  It is also a good framework for providing unity and good composition in visual art.  The above painting also subscribes to the Rule of Thirds–the face and the bulk of the image is placed directly on a line that is one third of the way from the right side. 263 more words

Rule Of Thirds