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Making a difference!

It was a lot harder for me to see my role as an usher head in church at first.

You know… because it kind felt like I wasn’t really doing anything much, even though I was sort of ‘promoted’. 524 more words

Character Beauty vs Physical Pretty

It’s interesting to me that back in the day (say when Snow White was written) “beauty” and “fair” we’re not just terms for the girl’s appearance. 667 more words


Quote of the Day | 04.18.14

If the right decision were always clear to everyone, we would not need leaders.

- Albert Mohler

enjoy the ride

I wonder how some leads can just make your body move in certain ways.  It’s like some creepy form of mind control that happens through your body.   290 more words

Four Ways to Fit In and Not Disappear

Learn to fit in while you standout. Finding your place – in relation to others – frees, empowers, and enhances meaning.

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Fitting in: 287 more words

Leadership Development

Leading - the Devil's in the Details (and there are a LOT of details)

Funny thing happened on the way home from my lesson tonight.  It was a little rough in places because neither one of us was feeling all that great so some of our relationship/communication dynamics were there and I left feeling a over my head and really wondering what I had gotten myself into.  1,013 more words


Day 10 of 30 Day Challenge


Taking the lead

When the situation calls, leaders will rise. Some just have the natural instinct while others learn the skill. Leadership is very interesting. 166 more words

Personal Growth