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Courage to Take a Different Path

The most frightening thing in life is reaching for what lies deepest in your heart. You won’t get there alone.

Mentors ignite courage and fuel progress. 299 more words


Trust the Map

My dad and I took a trip to Wisconsin to spend time on ATV trails. He had been on many of them before, at least some parts of them. 401 more words


I cannot lead people where I am not trying to go…

Here is a leadership principle that I live by. I’m sure I read it somewhere, by someone brilliant. But it’s a simple principle that I think matters. 290 more words

Personal Musings

Quote of the Day | 10.01.14

Leaders give voice to conviction and mobilize hearts and minds with a message.

- Albert Mohler

The Same, Different, or Better?

Which will you be five years from now: the same, different, or better?

We spend way too much time focusing on what we’re doing instead of who we are becoming. 193 more words