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The Tension Between Empathy and Expectations

One of my favorite books is To Kill A Mockingbird. ¬†Atticus Finch is one my all-time favorite characters. ¬†When talking to his daughter Scout he says something very profound, that is the subject of this post: … 434 more words



Those days are gone when leaders are believed not to get close to their followers, it was believed that leaders should keep a distance from the people they lead. 326 more words

Quote of the Day | 12.19.14

Never apologize for having a message and for wanting that message to receive the widest possible coverage and exposure.

- Albert Mohler

The Secret to Moving a Kid From Languishing to Leading (Part 2)

The Secret to Moving a Kid From Languishing to Leading (Part 2)

by Dr Tim Elmore

How do you foster actual maturity in a virtual world? 514 more words


My Second Church Plant

I didn’t understand this when I set out to plant LifeCity Church – I couldn’t have understood. But I would quickly experience a tension that I believe every church planter encounters. 1,124 more words


Because I told you...

Every post, every word set down is a spell I am casting to root out my fears, the demons that have held me. The demon within. 506 more words

Whispers And Words

The Right Answer...

…is a moving target.

As soon as you think you have it figured out, things change. The earth orbits the sun, people change their minds, or forget. 277 more words