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Leading Guidelines For Cleaning UPVC

Once men and women buy UPVC windows and doors, they generally feel the hard perform is over, when it comes to sustaining them. Do not get me wrong they are much less difficult to maintain than traditional wooden fittings, but there is nonetheless a degree of operate that needs to be place… by… 7 more words

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Slaying Some Worship Leading Holy Cows!

As someone who teaches worship leading all around the world, I am frequently asked some worship leading holy cows… in other words, controversial questions. Many of these are things that are dear to the heart of many worship leaders, or things that …

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Quote of the Day | 09.01.14

The leader is constantly analyzing, considering, defining, and confirming the convictions that will rule his leadership.

- Albert Mohler

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I attended a dhamma class last sunday at Novena. The speaker, a middle aged lady, was speaking about lowering expectation and be less judgmental.

Then there was a Q&A session where everyone was eagerly asking question about dhamma, discussing about dhamma, which is quite a rare sight to me because the last Vihara I went was mostly students who are forced to go to Vihara every weekend by our school. 239 more words

White Space

In this age of free web and blog sites, it seems as if everyone has a web site and a  blog. Businesses frequently use blogs on their web sites  to promote their services or provide potential clients with information. 771 more words

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Leaders are Learners

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.John F. Kennedy

A leadership position is not a destination. No one should “arrive” at a leadership position and just sit tight. 228 more words


Perception's Filter: My Take on Teaching and Leadership

At the end of each semester, we faculty give out teaching evaluations to our students. Some pupils may think this is a waste of time and that we teachers don’t pay attention to their feedback. 471 more words