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Laning Phase

Minions are little Creatures that are in each lane on both sides, they spawn every 30 seconds and start spawning 1 minute and 30 Seconds into the game. 147 more words

League Of Legends

The Anti-Sequel: Reinvention through Expansion

So, let’s be honest here: even if you’re deeply engrossed in gaming culture, unless you still actively play the game you could be forgiven for forgetting about… 639 more words


eSports: Who's profiting?

Season 3’s LA Championship garnered LoL a lot of attention from companies that wouldn’t normally sponsor a video game team. Now that eSports is experiencing noticeable exponential growth, what can we do to keep it clean and professional? 60 more words


"The illegal skelleton-theory"

China is known for sensoring almost everything of gore/horror and similar. Especially skelletons have been transfomed or sensored not to be shown in the most poppular games. 147 more words


Collegiate League of Legends is growing, but developer Riot isn't sure what the future holds

When you think of college sports, you probably think of century-old programs like the University of Michigan playing Notre Dame in football. But the popularity of e-sports could soon change that perception, and League of Legends developer Riot Games is trying to help shape the future of collegiate gaming competitions. 919 more words