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10,000 Rounds of LoL in 10 Seconds

Art can be found in almost anything, including games. This video shows the movement patterns of 100,000 players over 10,000 games as tiny little dots.


League of Legends

„Er trat der Liga der Legenden bei, um seine Buße mit Schweiß und Blut fortzusetzen, den einzigen Besitztümern eines wahren Mönchs.“

Was klingt wie der Aufhänger eines Fantasy Romans ist in Wahrheit ein Ausschnitt aus der Beschreibung eines Champions des momentan vielleicht beliebtesten Online-Rollenspiels der Welt – …

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Our Team

Hello Gamers,

As of recently we have made ourselves a team. I know no one on this team except for my boyfriend of course. All of the people on this team I’ve played with once and we lost which was saddening. 237 more words


Quick updates - Fragments - 26.10

  1. I really should stop letting my wp collect dust for such long periods.
  2. In my defense, the League of Legends World Championship was more than distracting.
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Slices Of Life

This is your Gaming on Data: League of Legends and Selecting a Champion

It’s not about your potential power, but the power that you display.

                Selecting which character you want to spend your gaming life with is a difficult choice, no matter how temporary the experience. 1,093 more words


So I met this enemy Ryze in my gold promos.

Now luckily, he was on the enemy team!

Warning: Chat log contains profanity language.

Keep in mind I am not opposed to trans-, homo- or bisexuell, I just merely said something about it because I expected him to get mad about it. 618 more words

League Of Legends

How to Win the World Championship

Congratulations to Samsung White for their victory over Star Horn Royal Club. Well deserved. But how does a team completely dominate every other team in the world? 42 more words