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Down and Dirty in Season 5

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps don’t give two shits about MOBAs, you’d know that Season 5 of League of Legend’s competitive season has started. 693 more words


Understand the gameng lingo - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

Game slang/gamer lingo is something that I know a lot of girls around the world are confused by and it something they would want to know and learn about.  853 more words

Gamer Lingo

RIP Deathfire Grasp

So yeah, after patch 5.2 tomorrow the DFG will be no more. To all the Ahri, Veigar, and Leblanc players out there I have one thing to say to you… HAHA SUCK IT BITCHES! 92 more words

League Of Legends

Quality it is!

After my recent post, Quality vs Quantity, it is evident that everyone who voted and talking to some people shows you would prefer less, but higher quality posts along with a coaching section on the website. 96 more words


Tech Tuesday - E-gaming & Twitch

Games, games, games!

I wish I had not sold my X-Box.

Now, I am most definitely not what you would call a really, really good gamer, however, I did enjoy the few games that I did own.   536 more words

Tech Tuesday

LCS 2015 Week 1 WOO

Whats up!?

So the first week of the LCS is in the books and I don’t know about you but I was a little surprised by some of the results. 582 more words

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Champion and skin sale: 27/01/15 - 30/01/15

Here are the latest champions and skins that are available for a reduced amount of riot points for a limited time:

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