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Why is Janna good?

I’m sure that, like me, a lot of you have been watching Worlds lately. And you might have noticed that seeminly out of nowhere Janna has become a priority pick, showing up in what feel like two-thirds of the games played in the first two groups. 1,004 more words

The 5 biggest plays from League of Legends Worlds week 1

One of the biggest tournaments in eSports kicked off in Taiwan Thursday, as the season 4 League of Legends group stages began. Four teams from Group A (Samsung White, Edward Gaming, AHQ and Dark Passage) and Group B (TSM, Taipei Assassins, Starhorn Royal Club and SK Gaming) played a double round-robin, with two teams from each group advancing to the quarterfinals. 401 more words


Group Stage 1 Day 4 Taipei, Taiwan: Picks and Bans

First game of the day: TSM vs SHR

Second game of the day: AHQ vs DP

Third  game of the day: SHR vs TPA

Fourth  game of the day: … 23 more words

League Of Legends


Recently, Riot Games had a major overhaul on their lore for League of Legends, along with this overhaul came the release of a brand new game mode, Ascension. 752 more words


Riot: The Good, The Bad, and The OP

With the growth of League of Legends as a game and a brand, the levels of spending have gone up by players. This in turn has allowed Riot Games to push on with improvements and additions to the game, such as a planned Summoner’s Rift visual update, moving the EU servers to Amsterdam, new skins, bigger and better tournaments, more professional and detailed LCS shows and, as is the point of this post, the development of new champions. 620 more words