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Dec 21 - Two gifts that transformed my view on Lean

In the last four years there are two clear pivot points for my view on Lean. The first major pivot point that really transformed how I look at Lean and especially the tools and methods of Lean is Mike Rothers book… 259 more words


The Quest for the perfect protein bar

Nowdays, it is no secret that protein bars are seeping with sugar, saturated fats, and a surplus of calories. However, there is a beacon of light in that ocean of processed protein pandemonium – Quest Protein bars. 540 more words


Thinking Lean? Think Social Business

For my money, Lean Thinking is one of, if not the most influential management philosophy of the last sixty years.

Ever since the 1950s, businesses large and small, from manufacturers to service providers, have been investing in the tools and techniques that have become known as “Lean” to boost profits and efficiency. 722 more words

Dec 20 - Tools are not the goal, they should help reach the real goal

“The purpose of kanban is to eliminate the kanban.”

Implementing tools are not the goal. The tools can be a way for us to reach the real goal.

306 more words

Insights Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Rampant fuel price rises remain the single largest factor in the forecast, bringing carrier capacities into sharper focus and asking questions as to the cost-effectiveness of air cargo deliveries. 283 more words


Retreating to Advance

I’m wrapping up a personal business retreat where I went through the past 6 months working as a consultant and freelance urban data scientist. I wanted to document the lessons I’ve learned from projects big and small, as well as the great advice and guidance I’ve received from those who’ve walked this path. 592 more words


Dec 19 - Traditions, Rituals and Kata a way to pass on knowledge

Why do we have traditions and rituals? According to Edward Shils, tradition is anything which is transmitted or handed down from the past to the present. 180 more words