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British Summer Time, and the importance of questions

“British Summer Time” is, of course, by it very nature, something of an oxymoron. The acclaimed US writer Bill Bryson, who lived in the UK for nearly 20 years, described most overcast English summer days as… 580 more words

The Britten Water Tower Is Melting in the Texas Heat!

 The water tower seems to be melting in the Texas heat!

No, no, don’t get me wrong.

It’s a leaning water tower that is serving as a decorative item. 472 more words


Bannock Montana Portraits

These images were taken at Bannack, a ghost town about 20 miles outside of Dillon Montana. This was a photo excursion for my Comm 300 photo class. 97 more words

Leaning Towards Buying a Sturdy Subaru around the Baton Rouge Area

A new Rear Vehicle Detection System reduces the danger of traffic blind spots and also warns the driver against shifting lanes in fast traffic to prevent potential accidents. 45 more words


How to pin a hem on a crooked person

Some of our clients are physically crooked.  They lean.  They are bent.

How do we hem their garments straight?  You have to get on the floor (Unless you have the privilege of a platform and a rolling stool). 82 more words

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