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Make or Teach? That is the question


Because I can almost never be found without my knitting in tow, someone is guaranteed to ask me to make them something. *blank stare* UH NO! 550 more words


WW1 - Never stop learning, never forget.

By Harry Shepherd

100 years have passed since the beginning of the First World War and there is no one left on the earth who can remember the conflict from a first-hand perspective. 453 more words

Leaning Towers in Gazaa

Palestinians inspect damage to adjacent houses from a fallen minaret of the Al-Sousi mosque that was destroyed in an Israel strike, at the Shati refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip. 23 more words

I had an epiphany about branding in the middle of a Spanish (or Mexican) party

I have just been at a seriously fun event tonight.

One of my firms’ clients holds this party every year and has done so for four years. 368 more words



I stepped out my front door and cold damp air swirled around me with a quickness that betrayed the quiet still of the street. It took my breath away how much I felt like I was standing somewhere else. 910 more words

Letter to the Sleeping Woman on the Q Train ©

Dear Sleeping Woman beside me with your face turned askew toward the corner of my eye where I can see it bob and weave, bob and weave.  207 more words

Character Study