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Saturday, 6th December, 2014.

Sir Fon’s Services

    Six-hundred-thousand pounds are being spent by Anglesey’s Council to “improve” the Council’s headquarters.   I heard somebody say it was a case of “poshing themselves up”. 127 more words

Welsh Affairs

Who should be in the leaders debates?

What are the leaders’ debates for?

Because the UK is run by representatives from elected from constituencies, most of us watching a leaders’ debate will never get to vote for the party leader we think made best showing, or whose views we most agree with. 1,074 more words

Scottish Politics

Saturday, 15th November, 2014.

Connecting With Independence

     A rail link is being discussed to connect Wales to Eire.   If approved – and the cash can be found – it will run under the Irish Sea from Holyhead to Dublin. 290 more words

Welsh Affairs

Questionable Time #114

Good morrow lemmings, or should I say bore da? We’re in Cardiff, so let’s hope Dimbleby doesn’t get swallowed up by the space/time rift in its centre! 1,068 more words

Question Time

Saturday, 8th November, 2014.

Perfect Timing

     The announcement that hundreds of jobs will be lost at the American-owned oil base at Milford Haven has come just as we’re all being pushed into spend, spend, spending on all sorts of wondrous goods by the now-Americanized Christmas advertisers. 282 more words

Welsh Affairs

Will the 2015 General Election deliver 5 more years of Coalition, gift-wrapped with red or blue and tied up with a yellow ribbon; or could things get a whole lot more colourful besides?

With six months left until the General Election, few people will now be under any illusion that there is a campaign underway. Even fewer will take anyone seriously who suggests that one of the significant Westminster Political Parties has a good chance of securing a working majority. 858 more words

Saturday, 25th October, 2014.


     Last weekend, I mentioned the fuss about the Scottish National Party having a woman as its Leader.   The media claimed that she was the first woman to be Leader of a major political party. 254 more words

Welsh Affairs