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My 5 favorite (almost) Cruelty-free products!

Finding cruelty-free products can be complicated, not to mention expensive. Sites like Beauty without Cruelty and Leaping Bunny offer detailed shopping lists of brands that do not test on animals. 921 more words


How to identify cruelty-free products

Once you have decided to be cruelty-free, the next step is to buy cruelty-free products! Yaaayy! Congratulations, let’s go shopping! There a few tips that can help you decide if a product is not tested on animals. 211 more words


Giant News!

I’ve got some giant news to share…in fact…I am kind of nervous. This is one of the biggest things I have taken on. I wrote a blog about how I wanted to live a kinder lifestyle. 369 more words

The truth comes out

I am a wife.  A mother.  An animal lover.

I am a business owner and (a blogger in the making).  I left a corporate job in 2011 to be at home with my daughter and the 2nd one which was on the way. 414 more words

Cruelty Free Products

Tips and Toes

I got this sweet little Burt’s Bees set from my dad in my stocking and thought that my hands will never again be dry. I thought I’d go through all the product minis you get to keep your hands, and other palces, safe from winter’s harm. 435 more words

Cruelty Free

Cruelty-free Makeup

***EDIT(31/12/14): Tarte is not Leaping Bunny certified

Being a huge makeup lover, i love getting my hands on new makeup goods and trying new brands but i am also a huge animal lover, and after reading a few articles and watching a few disturbing videos about animal testing, i am conflicted about purchasing and trying makeup products now for fear of encouraging and funding companies to conduct more painful animal testing. 522 more words


Leaping Bunny Hidden Bloodshed

Nice to see the snow effect back on the page. I had forgotten about it.

I finished We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and survived. I was so worried about Fern; I had horrible images of her with electrodes attached to her brain; ghastly experiments in the name of progress that I don’t want to even think about; experiments that will benefit mankind at the expense of other members of the animal kingdom. 272 more words