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Leaping Bunny Hidden Bloodshed

Nice to see the snow effect back on the page. I had forgotten about it.

I finished We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and survived. I was so worried about Fern; I had horrible images of her with electrodes attached to her brain; ghastly experiments in the name of progress that I don’t want to even think about; experiments that will benefit mankind at the expense of other members of the animal kingdom. 272 more words


Veganske produkter

Ét er at forholde sig til, at alle de fødevare man indtager skal være vegetabilske – noget HELT andet er at være opmærksom på indholdet i de produkter man ellers anvender i hverdagen. 300 more words

Vegansk Alternativ

animal testing

I am strongly apposed to animal testing .

Quite frankly I am apposed to the fact that a product would even need to be tested on animals. 168 more words

Natural Living

India goes 'Cruelty Free'

It’s so rare to hear positive news, so I thought I’d share this one with you – I think it’s a really big deal that’ll be of interest to lots of people in Britain. 355 more words

Skin Care

First challenge - Replace cleaning products in the house for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

My first challenge has been to replace the cleaning products in my house for more environmentally friendly alternatives.  I know I’ll probably need to give a few products a try until I get one I like, but I thought I’d start with a range I’m familiar with –  250 more words