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Waning Moon in Gemini

Gemini Moon Days – our feelings flicker and sparkle, perhaps a little capriciously. We can feel jumpy and irritable or just easily distracted and sociable…it can be hard to make headway as we are distracted with necessary social tasks; checking in with friends and colleagues and unscheduled catchups. 166 more words


Result of exalted planet when it is retrograde

There has been consensus on the results of exalted planets between astrologers that they can never give bad results. Experience has been otherwise although. None of the astrologer on Earth has been able to understand the results of exalted planets. 561 more words

Workshops & Readings at Lotus Wellbeing Centre

I’m now reading  from the Lotus Health & Wellbeing Centre in Wollongong! I start on June 30 (you can book here) For those of you in Sydney who enjoy my work, it’s just over an hour from the city on the South Coast. 577 more words


What are the results of debilitated planets?

In hindu astrology it is said that planets get debilitated in a particular sign. There is no convincing argument on it however it is assumed as such.  570 more words

What are the results of exalted planets?

In hindu astrology it is said that planets get exalted in a particular sign. There is no convincing argument on it however it is assumed as such.  544 more words

Results of retrograde planet when it is combust?

Outer Planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn etc. retrograde when they are in opposition with Sun. They are surely retrograde when they are 150 degrees to 210 degrees or 6,7,8 houses from Sun. 253 more words

Cancer - The nurturer, nostalgic & snippy social commentator

The Sign of Cancer
Ruled by the Moon
21 June – 22 July*

 Nurturing, nostalgic, loyal, tenacious, secretive, caring, family-oriented, proud of roots and history. 1,100 more words