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I need to revise on my French time!

Il est douze heure= 12 o’clock
Il est six heure= 6 o’clock
Il est cinq trente= 5 thirty… 9 more words

Passé composé versus Imparfait

Passé composé and Imparfait are both past tenses. But what’s the difference between them?

We don’t seem to think about this distinction in English,so it’s important to understand it when speaking french. 151 more words

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When Robin Williams was speaking French


The clown has left the building.

He told the truth – his truth – and that’s how he made us laugh.

He told the truth about French, he drew a caricature in which we recognized ourselves, and we laughed, because we felt a sweet tenderness and warm love under the poignant words and gigantic gestures, in this sweet, sweet man with a heart larger than life itself. 593 more words

Parisian French

Une journée comme

Today we had to translate a basic comprehension from this website:

Le matin, Sylvie se lève à 6 heures ou 6 heures et demie. C’est assez tôt pour elle. 475 more words

Learn French

For those just beginning French this fall, this essential -ER verbs video is just the thing

-ER verbs are a great place to begin if you want to learn French

Regular verbs ending in -er are considered the “first group” of verbs in French.   172 more words


Coffee Break Languages

I wanted to talk about CoffeeBreak Languages which are podcasts hosted by the RadioLingua Network based at IDK ! He who laughs last, probably has a back-up. 207 more words

What are the ingredients of a good French film?


Cinema was born in France and no doubt the French have continued to create some of the best films in the world. Directors successfully engage their audience by effectively portraying the French culture through language and visuals. 650 more words

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