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Coffee Break Languages

I wanted to talk about CoffeeBreak Languages which are podcasts hosted by the RadioLingua Network based at IDK ! He who laughs last, probably has a back-up. 207 more words

What are the ingredients of a good French film?


Cinema was born in France and no doubt the French have continued to create some of the best films in the world. Directors successfully engage their audience by effectively portraying the French culture through language and visuals. 650 more words

Learn French

English Enquête

Due to my recent travels to Brittany, France I decided to focus my cuisine enquête on Brittany food. I have identified the key factors that make food special in the region of Brittany and how these traditional dishes have been developed. 574 more words

Learn French

Mathieus Journal

Pour journal,

Je m’appelle Mathieu et je travail à l’école Fond de L’Étang.

Les étudiants à l’école Fond de L’Étang sont enfants, adolescents et juvéniles. 68 more words

Tu or Vous?

Today I found this funny flowchart:


I think it should be shown to all students learning french!


Use Subliminal Messages to Learn French Language Fast

Real learning comes subliminally, and that is why subliminal messages help to learn French language fast.

While we are in the learning mode, mind needs to be in a suggestible state like that of a child is when it starts learning everything about the world around including the mother tongue as it comes to its senses. 641 more words


The word ‘depuis’ can be used in several different contexts. Roughly translated, it means ‘since’ or ‘for‘.

This is what WordReference has to say on the subject: 200 more words