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Greetings - I Saluti



      BUONGIORNO                ->    Good morning

        BUON POMERIGGIO      ->    Good afternoon

      BUONA SERA                  ->    Good evening

 BUONA NOTTE               ->    Good night

              ARRIVEDERCI/LA            ->   Goodbye  … 11 more words

Learn Italian

prepositions and conjunctions: tips

1. Know that a preposition brings many senses in its meaning,

  • Sense of position.
  • Sense of time.
  • Sense of direction.
  • Other senses (there is a long list of them).
  • 326 more words

The foolish fish of April

In which I learn some new Italian words and discover that April Fools Day in Italy has something to with…fish? 

Today in my weekly Italian lesson my teacher surprised me with a friendly pat on the back…odd, I thought to myself, before realizing that she had sneakily attached something to my shirt. 227 more words

Word Of The Day (la Parola Del Giorno)

The partitive article - l'articolo partitivo


dei libri some books
degli studenti some students
degli amici some (male) friends


delle amiche some (female) friends
delle camere some rooms… 68 more words


The Culture Project

Culture. Noun. The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
Synonyms: civilization, experience, proficiency, enlightenment
Antonyms: Morgan Sinclair

I, Morgan Sinclair, feel like one of the most uncultured people on the face of the planet. 570 more words