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Two Books I borrowed from Library

I went to a small library a few days ago while waiting for P to end work.  As I was looking through the language section shelves, I was quite surprised to find two books related to Korean Language. 156 more words

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FT Island Hangul Live Korean Lesson 41

January 2015 Lesson Review: Study this month’s lessons to express how you feel. Join FT Island and memorize the expressions in a fun way. 17 more words

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I haven’t written in forever. I don’t even know where to start. Not much has been going on, actually. I haven’t been studying lately (big surprise!), so there’s nothing to update on. 171 more words

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That's what I'm saying!

Daily Korean | 한국어 한마디

내 말이 그 말이야!
: That’s what I’m saying!

내가 하려고 한 말을 상대가 했을 때 강한 공감을 나타내는 표현 이에요. 친구에게는 “내 말이 그 말이야!”라는 반말 표현을 쓸 수 있지만, 나보다 나이가 많은 사람이나 어른에게는 “제 말이 그 말이에요.”라는 존대 표현을 써야 해요.

오늘 친구에게 ‘내말이 그말이야!’ 한번 사용해 보시면 어떨까요?


Anki VS Memrise VS Quizlet

Anki, Memrise and Quizlet are platforms that allow you to flashcards, and can be used to study whatever you want! 191 more words


FT Island Hangul Live Korean Lesson 40

    “바빠 죽겠어요 (Bappa Jukgaetuhyo)” = “I’m so freaking busy.”

    In a Misaeng-esque skit at FT Corporation, you will learn helpful phrases to better express yourself.

    6 more words
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FT Island Hangul Live Korean Lesson 39

Our starving artist, Jonghun, confesses, “My only sin is that I love art.” Join FT Island for this month’s topic: How to better express yourself. 16 more words

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