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Knitting Beyond Scarves - Melissa Leapman

I thought that I’d go for an easy book this week. I wanted one that I could skim through and move on.  What can I say – I’m still in summer vacation mode. 282 more words


Why Everyone Should Learn to Knit or Crochet

Tossing aside all the laundry, dishes, paper work, and homework in order to sit and knit or crochet is something that everyone must try!!! Ignoring the squalor can be hard—I tend to feel guilty when I push aside all my writing work and housework so that I can work on my latest yarn creation, but then I quickly get lost in the clicking of needles, the texture of fibers running through my fingers— I transcend to a calm state of mind that is like no other. 255 more words


Improve Your Knitting Speed in Six Simple Ways

Hand knitting is an enjoyable activity that most people enjoy these days. Loops are first made on one needle, and then the fabric “grows” by drawing other loops through them as they are passed  back and forth along the needles from  row to row. 344 more words

The Ball Of Yarn