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Improve Your Knitting Speed in Six Simple Ways

Hand knitting is an enjoyable activity that most people enjoy these days. Loops are first made on one needle, and then the fabric “grows” by drawing other loops through them as they are passedĀ  back and forth along the needles fromĀ  row to row. 344 more words

The Ball Of Yarn

Exploring the Fun and Benefits of Crocheting

One of the best hobbies that is gathering a lot of fans nowadays is crocheting. More and more people, especially those who are spending their vacations at home and even those who just want to spend their idle moments by doing something fun are getting their hands on some yarn and creating a lot of wonderful items out of it. 407 more words

Hey Beginners: You CAN Knit These Booties. Really.

Another one of my classes just launched on creativebug.com. I’m so, so excited about this one. Beginners always want to knit baby booties, but often won’t try because of the intimidating shaping. 35 more words