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Different type of kimbap in korean

Do you love to eat kimbap?
I love my kimbap filled with lots of radish and kimchi, eat it with one mouthful would be the best way to do it! 109 more words


ifound: the journey is ongoing

#ifound- the journey is ongoing

Every now and again I find myself having to reset
I notice old habits creeping back in my life
Ones I thought I had peeled away way before… 84 more words


Learn Chinese Day #65

Thank you!

謝  謝  你!

xiè  xie  nǐ!


  • Simplified Chinese: 谢 谢 你
  • Grammar: “謝謝” means “Thank you” in Chinese.  I am sharing this phrase with you because I want to say thank you for stopping by.  
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How to with Sul

Hi there,

Ever tried to do something yourself but didn’t know where to start? I have, it inspired me to start this blog, sometimes the how-to’s online can be confusing or simply wrong, and sometimes your question can simply be unique. 150 more words

How To

New Post has been published on OMG Freaking Awesome

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Car Insurance Quotes Can Help Clients Learn More About Insurance Policies!

Car Insurance Quotes Can Help Clients Learn More About Insurance Policies!

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North Dakota Oil Jobs


Stare at the stars.

Star gazing is one of my favourite things to do. The last time I went star gazing was with a friend – Jack, and whilst I don’t remember much about what we talked about, I know this was mentioned: looking at the stars reminds you of how small we are.We are merely specks in the word. 417 more words


Spanish Word of the Day #11

Today’s word: El (definite article, masculine/singular)

Pronunciation: El

Meaning: The

Hint: El Dorado = The Golden One

Example: Quiero comer el chocolate porque tengo hambre. (I want to eat the chocolate because I’m hungry)