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Will or going to?

Predicting the future is essentially pointless but probably essential. We can never make the future happen the way we want to but if we ignore our ability to shape it, we may well lose opportunities that will never be repeated. 248 more words


Post Lesson Reflection - Learner


  • By the end of this essential, teachers will have a solid template for using with their learners to promote learner autonomy and self-reflection, as well as understanding the reasons for encouraging this with their learners.
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Lesson Planning

Loop input: A valuable training strategy

First off, I want to thank Tessa Woodward for the idea of loop input. She introduced the concept in a 1986 article in The Teacher Trainer journal and articulated it again in her 1991 book, … 836 more words

Professional Development


Motivation is a slippery beast.

Amongst those who research it, there are many differing views (Dornyei and Ushioda 2012) but there is agreement with regards to its effect on human behaviour: 1,265 more words

Learner Autonomy

More Inductive or Deductive eLearning?

After reading the book_ eLearning and Science of Instructional Design_ for the second time, and listening to Ruth Calvin Clark’s interview on scenario-based learning, I reflected on the courses we create and realized they mostly take deductive/instructive approach. 654 more words

Learning Design

Teaching Academic Listening (and transferral to the General English classroom!)

This summer, I worked on a pre-sessional course for the very first time…

At Sheffield University, as well as teaching your tutor group writing skills and guiding them through the process of producing an extended written project, each teacher is responsible for teaching one of the other skills (reading, speaking or listening) to their own and a further two groups. 2,110 more words

Learner Autonomy

Learning contracts and language learning (Part 3): the end of the summer and beyond

It’s been quite a while since my last update on my learning contract shenanigans. It was due on the 4th September, but…life has been rather attention-seeking since then! 1,230 more words

Learner Autonomy