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Spelling out the maths

Hey, I am now over 300 posts on this blog. And things have changed since I started! What was originally a support for talks I gave has become a space for reflection on language teaching in a much more general way. 119 more words


Week 7: Autonomous not Alone

This week has been very though provoking and inspiring for me. 329 more words

Older Students

Making Mistakes, Making Progress #3

Focusing on teaching, instead of learning

You might not even know you’re doing this until it’s pointed out to you, or it’s too late. It’s really easy as a teacher to work your way down a mental checklist of things to do during each class – listening activity, communicative activity, pair work, group work, individual work, text book, interaction patterns, students stand up, students sit down, grammar, vocab, vocab drilling, CCQ’s, ICQ’s and any other CELTA buzzword you can think of – it seems like there are a thousand and one things that you’re supposed to include in every class in order to be a good teacher (and that’s before you include things like homework review, setting homework, taking registers and anything else that your school might require). 591 more words


Making Mistakes, Making Progress #2

Being Friendly or Being a Friend?

Trying to be the students’ friend, rather than their teacher

This is often harder than it sounds. It’s basic human nature to want to interact and bond with other people, especially when you know that you’re going to be seeing them a lot and working together. 721 more words


Will or going to?

Predicting the future is essentially pointless but probably essential. We can never make the future happen the way we want to but if we ignore our ability to shape it, we may well lose opportunities that will never be repeated. 248 more words


Post Lesson Reflection - Learner


  • By the end of this essential, teachers will have a solid template for using with their learners to promote learner autonomy and self-reflection, as well as understanding the reasons for encouraging this with their learners.
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Lesson Planning

Loop input: A valuable training strategy

First off, I want to thank Tessa Woodward for the idea of loop input. She introduced the concept in a 1986 article in The Teacher Trainer journal and articulated it again in her 1991 book, … 836 more words

Teaching Strategies