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Getting A Driving License in Lahore

I have been driving since 2004. I was about 14 years old when my dad started teaching me how to drive the car. The decision came after my dad had to drive 1000km+ to the other country all by himself over the long drive to Sabah, Malaysia from Tutong, Brunei Darussalam. 1,333 more words

Blue Moon

He's 15

Jake’s 15. Yes !!! In 6 months, he can begin his driving class and apply for a learner’s permit. If all works out well, in another 6 months or so, he can drive. 284 more words

Free N' Easy

Start a Fire in Mortgage

Each day, I have the opportunity to help people who are currently looking at homes.  

I call on them after their use of online and phone-automated systems, leads that may or may not actually want to buy or need to buy, but who most certainly looked into a home or property.   1,175 more words

Learner's Permit

Relative Maturity and Permits

Today I got to wait in a very long line, sit in uncomfortable chairs, and wonder if it was really my name being called- or is there another person with the name “Mack?” (A horrible pronunciation of my last name). 433 more words

Realtor Spotlight: Elizabeth Moyer

The personality for good business.

It’s quite intimate being a loan officer. A combination of information, assistance, persuasion, and numbers, yes, but these parts are useless without ethics and personality.  1,479 more words

Learner's Permit

I Took The Test And...

…I passed my theory! I now have a learner’s permit (though I prefer to call it a provisional license) and can legally drive in the US! 564 more words



So often we feel that we’ve lost our opportunity. We think we may have started too late. We worry that there may be some “thing” we were made to do but some where along our life we fear we missed our chance. 440 more words

Learner's Permit