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Why Do We Feel The Need To Know the Future

Why is it that humans keep reaching for a sense of certainty in a life that has always been quite uncertain? We want to know the future. 368 more words


Challenge Based Learning

An app/website that generates random challenges based on real-world problems/future scenarios.

Challenges come with the overall aim and a time scale within which the challenge must be completed. 17 more words


Social Tutors

Peer tutoring via social media.

Peer-to-peer learning.

E.g. Student 1 requires revision help for Maths GCSE in the area of statistics and probability. Student 2 (who is confident in this area) has already created a ‘YouTubeesque’ video and posted it online. 19 more words


The Necklace

A few weeks ago the oldest muppet told me about a project that he was working on in school as a part of their community service project. 712 more words


Glance around your classroom, or house, or job. If you work with groups of kids, chances are you’ll notice some things.

- You will notice one kid picking his nose. 994 more words


Everest has occupied a special place in my mind since I was a young child. I think it started when I heard a friend of ours talking about going to make a film on the infamous K2. 2,561 more words


whistling in the dark

The author is having lunch with C. V. Wedgwood, 52, at London’s Plato’s, a “quiet Greek restaurant whose glass front looks out on Wigmore Street.” 300 more words