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A tough lesson...

It’s the beginning of February (I know, how did that happen?) and it feels like a good time to sit and take stock.

We’re a twelfth of the way into 2015 already. 591 more words


Is That for Me?

I walked by the back door, looked out as I so often do. There I saw a hungry gray squirrel searching the deck for a bite to eat. 241 more words


Recent Rebirth of Passion

The lengths that some people will take to make another human being feel like a piece of garbage, to hurt them, to berate them, belittle, and just to be down right mean has been proven to me over and over again. 340 more words


Inspiration and Perspiration

Earlier in the day I saw a couple of posts from a fellow blogger, Karen Glosser showing her recent abstract work.  Shortly after that, I came across a tutorial on the… 83 more words


Splashy Science

One of the things I love about Home Educating is spontaneous learning opportunities. A couple of days ago, the heavens opened and my first thought was to hurry and get our raincoats on so we could get outside and enjoy the downpour. 175 more words


On Serendipity

A while ago, I picked up neuroscientist David DiSalvo’s ‘science-help’ book Brain Changer. I’m (very) interested in brains—as will become clear in time. And so I read the first few chapters, which lay out the neurological processes behind the making an breaking of habits. 484 more words


Why Music Matters - The Benefits of Music Lessons

It’s no secret that listening to and playing music has far-reaching benefits. We’ve all heard about the Mozart Effect – the theory

that musical training makes us smarter. 630 more words