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You're doing a wonderful job

Today marks the last day of school for the year. Really. Students finished a few weeks ago. Teachers last week. But the school I work at will officially wrap it up today because it’s the last working day for the school officers. 91 more words


A Gentle Touch

Apparently some people like the rough approach. That might work for some, however …

So I am in the process of learning to drive. It’s not a long story, but it’s not here for this blog entry. 286 more words


How to disable "related" videos at the end of embedded YouTube clips

Yesterday I posted on my newfound knowledge about how to specify the starting and ending points in an embedded YouTube video.  I was pretty excited to be able to play just a 40-second segment of video from the middle of a full-length documentary. 271 more words

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Personal: Living with Bipolar

It came as a shock to me, that I have bipolar disorder. At the time where my doctor pinpointed my manic stage, was exactly when I felt like I was getting better because I could then do things without worrying too much, and I was more confident than ever about my abilities. 229 more words


Celebrating behind-the-scenes staff: our Teacher Guides

It has long been recognised that students (and teachers!) are important audiences for museums, through both visiting our physical sites and interacting with us online. The educational value of field trips is also widely understood, as outlined in this post: … 142 more words

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Great Teaching is Magic

I am currently reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman (Viking, 2009). This fantasy is the first book in a trilogy that takes that next step after the Harry Potter series, adding more mature themes to a similar story about students attending a school for wizardry.  295 more words


How to specify "start" and "stop" times in embedded YouTube videos in WordPress

I planned to write a post on allusion and homage in literature and film today, but now I’m going to postpone that till another day—because I’m so absolutely thrilled with myself that I figured out how to embed a YouTube video and have it start and start at specific times. 367 more words

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