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Miró and Picasso in Chicago

The art of conversation. Birds do it, bees do it. Even small and large cities do it. That’s right. All sorts of things engage in conversation. 196 more words


Using Digital Technologies...

This ‘using digital technologies’ page is just magical: 


Be sure to explore the ‘supporting digital learning’ page, the ‘digital learning in practice’ page, and the ‘online learning and teaching resources’ page.


मम बहु विविधाः अन्तरः भावाः सन्ति

मम बहु-विधाः अन्तर्-भावाः सन्ति
mama bahu-vidhaaha antar-bhaavaaha santi

I have many different feelings

मम सन्तोषाः यदा पठामि लिखामि गायामि शाकवाटिकायां कर्यं करोमि वा
mama santoshaaha yadaa pathaami likhaami gaayaami shakavaathikaayaam kaaryam karomi vaa… 60 more words


Twisting Scripture To Fit Our Ideas

It is not a new idea–picking out phrases from Spiritual writing and twisting them to suit an individual’s point of view.

I remember reading John Calhoun and other early 19th century writers using Scripture to justify slavery and treating black people as not human. 234 more words


Take the money or open the box

I’m regularly surprised by the extent of the connections we make. I was talking to someone at a gig my son was playing recently. They knew the band, knew who was who, what they played and other insights, all on the basis of Facebook and Twitter posts. 588 more words


A Pinch of This. A Dash of That

I’m not so great at measuring.

This drives my husband crazy.

It may drive you crazy, too.

I try to give measurements of most ingredients, but some are just hard to do. 511 more words