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The more you read the more things you will Know - Story Mama

Story Mama

We are an online bookstore specialising in Picture Books for children age 0-7,

We help time poor parents discover recommended picture books for little kids. 56 more words


Where Do You Read?

Where do you read most often?  Is it online?  Is it curled up with a paperback book?  Is it sitting at table, highlighter in hand, with a large and heavy tome laid out in front of you, or is it with your arms extended and newsprint held aloft? 1,300 more words

Technology Trends

An exam for overcoming fear of exams

To make this easier, I have only got one question.
To make it even easier, I have gone for a multiple choice format.
To make it easier still, I shall let you decide on the correct answer. 80 more words

Kanuka Simpson

The Enthusiasm Continues

The kitchen madness has continued. Through dinner and was only reignited during the rainy morning.

Last night I indulged Mister with some chicken and biscuits (aka chicken and dumplings…is this all the same dish?) … 194 more words

The right and wrong use of statistics

A few weeks ago I went into a small town branch of the Royal Bank of Canada with a cheque received for some translation work. The cheque was in US dollars and I asked the teller to convert it to Canadian dollars, give me $80.00 in Canadian cash, $20.00 in US cash (to include in a card I was sending to someone in the US) and deposit the rest to my account. 936 more words


A Waste of Learning Space?

One of the most common issues I come across whilst coaching professionals in enhanced Learning Skills is a tendency to create copious volumes of notes. As a learning technique, it’s counter-productive and quickly overloads the brain. 506 more words


Art workshops inspire city young people to visit museums

While groups of extremely loud and over-excited teenage foreign students bounce off each other with their huge rucksacks outside the Royal Pavilion every day, it seems the people of Brighton and Hove can tend to take their cultural heritage for granted. 634 more words