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Why a child should not be king of the home

There are widely divergent views on child training in North America – ranging all the way from a laissez faire attitude (let the child alone and she will figure things out on her own), to the harsh disciplinarian (if you want a child to learn how to behave you need to spank him once a day, and twice on Sundays). 614 more words


I Was a Lousy Student

This post originally published Monday, January 27, 2014 at http://www.grealeadersserve.org


I met my wife in 11th grade; we were in Trigonometry together. 456 more words


Follow learning-by-doing with learning-by-thinking and do 23 percent better!

A recent Stat Watch in the Harvard Business Review highlighted research indicating the effectiveness of training. If you write and reflect for 15 minutes after your training day you increase the effectiveness by 23%. 27 more words


This 'weeks' character trait training !!

Yes, I have ‘week’ set apart as it seems we keep them for several weeks… I don’t think that’s a bad thing.. but it will make for a very loooooong journey… which isn’t the worst thing that could happen. 476 more words


With Trepid Hearts We Step: Overcoming the Thorn of Change

In troves of tromping feet, students and educators begin yet another school year this month.  With the advent of another academic year, there will be loud cries from citizens, educators, researchers, and politicians about all the  933 more words


But what is informal learning?

This is a simultaneous blog post, published in tandem with a post by Rachel Burnham.

I’ve been involved in a few conversations recently talking through… 838 more words


Hybrid Musical Classrooms

After reading part of Dr. Evan Tobias’ article entitled Learning With Digital Media and Technology in Hybrid Music Classrooms, I was able to make many connections between topics the passage discussed, as well as topics we have been discussing in our ASU classes. 808 more words